The co-founder of Dundas London, the linen shirtmaker, talks us through her favourite online destinations.

In 2014, Leonora de Ferranti set up linen shirtmaker Dundas London with her childhood friend, Jamie Dundas. They were frustrated that no brand had ever designed the perfect linen shirt. The Dundas London shirts are made with the finest quality linen, have elegantly shaped collars and no pocket. No wonder well-dressed fans include Prince Harry, Marcus Mumford and Novak Djokovic. Here, founder Leonora talks through her favourite websites.

My favourite website… The Luxury Safari Company - So I can dream about all the wonderful places I would love to travel to. I am designing a line of linen safari shirts so I spend a lot of time admiring photos of beautiful lodges and sundowner hotspots.

My favourite app… Sudoku app – It’s geeky but I'm a complete addict.

My blog of choice… Grey Fox Blog - I don't follow many blogs, but David Evans writes the "Grey Fox Blog" and he has been very supportive of Dundas London since the beginning, I will always be grateful to him.

My favourite podcast... No Such Thing As A Fish - A podcast about useless, and not so useless facts. I love facts no matter how silly.

My most recent buy online… a pair of shoes from French ethical brand Panafrica - I bought the Ouagadougou pair. Not only are they great shoes, but every pair bought contributes to supporting education and job training in Africa.

Book just downloaded/ read... a pre-released copy of The Accidental Botanist - This is a book about deconstructed plants written by a good friend Robbie Honey. Robbie travels around the world finding rare flower species and teaching botany. He's passionate about what he does and knows more about flowers than anyone else I know.

Favourite tweeter… I'm not one of life's most active tweeters, but I follow some of my ambassadors and their adventures.

Favourite instagrammers… Jakob Plessen (@jakotango) and Charlie Agar (@tigerdomauk) - Both post fantastic videos and photographs of their treks in Patagonia and safaris in the Masai Mara. They represent everything that is important to the Dundas London brand.

Social media allowed me to meet… Paolo Parazzi - Paolo is a conservationist, scuba diver, kite surfer, photographer and Dundas ambassador. He is actually a friend but his social media propelled me to meet him and get the ball rolling with our collaboration. Anyone who can appreciate adventures and wildlife like he does gets a big tick from me.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… The Business of Fashion - It has built a global following as an essential daily resource for fashion creatives, business professionals and entrepreneurs; I couldn't do without it.

Pet hate about life online… The way it replaces reality. I don't like finding out online about important events in my friends’ lives. It feels so impersonal.

Stand out online memory... My first Dundas London online sale to a stranger; the novelty of those sales still haven't worn off.

March 2018