The founder of Asprey Introductions and star of reality TV series The Ultimate Matchmaker shares her favourite online destinations.

We would like to introduce you to Lara Asprey. You may know her as The Sloane Arranger, or as presenter to reality TV series The Ultimate Matchmaker. It is Lara’s job is to find love for the world’s richest bachelors and high net worth individuals. Lara runs Asprey Introductions, a matchmaking and introduction club that caters to the very rich and offers coaching, styling and photography sessions. Asprey Introductions was recently featured on brand new dating show The Ultimate Matchmaker viewable on W Channel, Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk.

Today we find out what is on Lara’s iPhone, where to buy evening wear and the best relationships blogs on the net.

My favourite website… Squarespace - I have used this site most days for about ten years. I love the flexibility it offers to play with website design. It’s incredibly versatile and the updates are always very smart and on-point.

My favourite app… It’s got to be Whatsapp - I mean, how did anyone get anything done without it? I do almost all my work with it now. These days I am in so many chat groups that I rarely get any peace and there’s always a ping going off somewhere.

My blog of choice… I love the Love and Life Toolbox - It always has great articles that look at all angles of relationships that give me good ideas for coaching sessions or for future blog posts.

My internet hero is… I’m a big fan of Sheryl Sandberg - For all she’s done to empower women and give people the confidence and belief that we can do it – because we can!

My favourite podcasts... I’m not really a massive podcast person but when I have time I try to listen to Spanish podcasts to keep my ear tuned into it as a way of passively practising. I’m not sure how much actually goes in. Aren’t podcasts just a good way to fall asleep?

My most recent buy online… I just ordered a load of clothes from Lavish Alice as they are super chic and great for work that can turn into evening wear.

Book just downloaded/ read… ‘The Game: Undercover in the Secret Society of Pickup Artists’ by Neil Strauss - Purely for research purposes! I wanted to understand what tips and tricks pickup artists are using to lure in women so I could help women play them at their own game. I promise…

Favourite tweeter… Chrissy Teigen - Chrissy always makes me chuckle. She’s just funny.

Favourite instagrammer… Kate Beckinsale - Anyone who knows me knows that I do not take myself seriously at all. Neither does Kate Beckinsale. I love her.

Social media allowed me to meet… quite a few scouts for my business. Lots have come through friends of friends on social media. They refer amazing single people to us for our clients so it’s incredibly useful to connect with them.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Is there such a thing as a worthwhile newsletter? I’m afraid I vote ‘unsubscribe’.

Pet hate about life online… It does annoy me that nobody ever picks up the phone to talk to anyone they’re interested anymore. People are rarely meeting anyone offline. We mustn’t lose the art of face-to-face communication and flirting.

Stand out online memory… The funny noise that dial-up modems used to make back in the day each time anyone wanted to get online. I mean, what was that about? I don’t think there has ever been, or will ever be, a noise quite like it.

February 2019