The co-founder of Mush, the location-based social network connecting mums with their local community, talks about her favourite sites and apps.

Katie Massie-Taylor is the co-founder of the free app Mush, the location-based social network that connects mums with their local community. The meet-up app uses GPS and shared interests to link people with possible like-minded mothers who have children the same age. It currently has 150,000 users around the UK. Katie has grand ambitions, ‘Our mission is no mum does it alone, and our vision is to be the most widely used platform for mums.’ Here, Katie talks about her favourite sites and apps.

My favourite website is… LinkedIn - It's the one website I prefer to a service in app-form because there is so much you can see on one page. Best thing about it: you can prepare for meetings and get a really good sense of a person first, from a free platform. Amazing really!

My favourite app... Can I say Mush? - Did I mention it's brilliant for being connected to local mum life?! Other apps I love are Instaquote and Layout for making pretty pictures and posts, Blinkist for feeling like I am a voracious reader in under fifteen minutes, and a Jigsaw app as a distraction for occasional, but monumental, tantrums from my little girls.

My blog of choice…my serious one is the Andreessen blog, to understand the entrepreneurial and tech landscape. For fun, anything by Mother Pukka. She is so very amazing at making me laugh about all things motherhood.

My internet hero… Zuckerberg - I mean, what an amazing movement to stumble across, but execute on so ingeniously.

My most recent buy online was… Desert boots, iPhone cover and the board game 'Guess Who' for my husband's birthday present. Which reminds me, my favourite website in joint place is Amazon Prime - ideal for last minute, next day birthday present deliveries!

Book just read… ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell - A brilliant book about how hard work and optimal circumstances guide people's success, not luck or (necessarily!) talent. I highly recommend it. I even read the whole thing!

Favourite Instagrammer… I feel like I am missing some great ones on Instagram, but tend to use it for keeping up with friends rather than people I don't know. BUT, @Earthpix is a great one to get inspiration for 'bucket list' holidays (what a beautiful world we live in) and @FatJewish is funny for his hilarious take on all things American.

Social media allowed me to meet… No one personally, but my husband has an amazing story about his long lost half-sister, who found him on social media! But that's not my tale to tell.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… TheSkimm - As if I need any more emails, frankly! But it means when I don't have time to watch the news, I wouldn't be completely left behind on a grown-up conversation.

Pet hate about life online… It's a cliche, but my kids get a really raw deal from my online life. I haven't yet struck a deal on no-phone-time which means that I am constantly reaching into my pocket to do something... normally right in the middle of pushing swing/ playing a game/ doing some painting/ making playdoh.

Stand out online memory... the messages of support on Facebook when we launched Mush. When you have something to be proud of, and want to spread the word about it, there is nowhere better.

September 2017