We asked Kate Gordon, founder and CEO of London Art Studies, to share her go-to websites. This is what she chose.

Know your Monet from your Manet or your Rubens from your Rembrandt? It’s never too late to learn about art, and we’ve found just the website to make it as easy as possible. A newly launched series of specialist (jargon-free) online courses on the London Art Studies are easy to access wherever you are in the world. You can dip in and out of the website, and look up an artist before a gallery visit, or watch a five minute film because you want to know what Impressionism is (in five easy points).

The forward-thinking entrepreneur behind the site is Kate Gordon, who has been in the art world for over twenty years. After working with Sotheby’s, CNN and Carlton, Kate merged her two passions and launched London Art Studies in 2011. Kate is a co-Founder of the Association of Women in the Arts and writes a column (demystifying the art world) for London’s Evening Standard newspaper. She is a member of Tate Patrons Executive Committee, and an Ambassador for Arts Alliance. Here Kate tells you the sites you should know about.

My favourite website is... NYMag - I’m always dreaming of my next trip to New York, and this tells me what to see when I’m there. Additionally, much of the New York theatre comes to London now, so it’s an advance preview on what to book.

My favourite app is… Instagram, of course - A must for anyone in the art world, it’s brilliant for keeping up with friends, art fairs and the hottest artists all over the world. Right now, I’m enjoying what @chalametinart did with the “Call Me by your Name” actor Timothée Chalamet’s face – replacing faces in famous artworks with that of the actor’s face. The Google Selfie app has also just come to the UK – and tells you which famous painting you most resemble.

My blog of choice is… I’ve loved “Tales of Teddy" - It’s the story of one family, one dog, life and love. There’s also a beautifully curated selection of dog accessories, some of which (particularly the blankets) occasionally get borrowed by humans.

My internet hero is… Nathalie Massenet - For doing what everyone said couldn’t be done, and doing it brilliantly.

My favourite podcasts are... the Art Newspaper weekly and a very “you can do it” short podcast called “The Daily Boost”. I realise writing this that I much prefer a factual podcast to a story.

My most recent buy online... Props for filming, to decorate the studio, through Amazon Prime. I’m trying to make our new series look as though it’s filmed in someone’s home, which is actually much harder than it looks.

Book just downloaded/ read... I have an ongoing stack of books, but I’m old school and much prefer to pick up a book. I’m half way through “Magic and Loss: The Internet as Art” by Vierginia Heffernan but also want to recommend “Will Happiness Find Me?" It’s a brilliant little book by two Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss. It poses questions varying from the ridiculous “Should I get drunk?” to the profound “Can something be unbelievable?” Many people know their work from posters and buildings. Do Google their list of “Rules to Live by”, which I discovered via Instagram.

Favourite tweeter… It’s an account called KimKierkegaardashian - You have to say it out loud to get the full effect. It’s a mashup of the reality TV’s stars thoughts, with that of the 19th century philosopher/existentialist and it is surprisingly funny. Shoes, makeup and the meaning of life.

Favourite instagrammer… Right now, it’s @georginacadam, who has just presented our latest series on “The Art Market”. It’s an insider’s guide to everything from fakes and forgeries, to what exactly is “zombie formalism”! I also love @houseandgardenuk for a look into the most beautiful homes and @smittenkitchen for recipes and food.

Social media allowed me to meet… Katy Hessel, the author of @thegreatwomenartists,. I’m a co-founder of the Association of Women in the Arts, a networking group for women working in the art world and it’s great to see women artists now gaining prominence in their field.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… A Little Bird - I open this the minute I receive it, as the events and talks they recommend sell out quickly. I also enjoy Almost Essential (particularly their beauty column) and Hyperallergic for the latest in art news.

Pet hate about life online… How easy it is to lose an hour, or three, falling down the black hole of Google or Instagram.

Stand out online memory.. This has to be the re-launch of the website, this past year. I remember the moment we went live with three screens at the ready, and the very first subscription we sold only a couple of minutes later. We’re excited that our various series on art and the art world can now be easily accessed anytime, anywhere.

September 2018