Why the model entrepreneur won't believe Wiki but rates her top fashion and motherhood blogs.

Job envy! Oh to be a clothes designer, a fashion model and own a toy shop. When not cavorting on catwalks, Jasmine Guinness is running Honeyjam, a traditional toy shop specialising in vintage and old school toys. Jasmine and co-owner, Honey Bowdrey, who have seven children between them, opened the Portobello Road shop in 2006 and have recently revamped its website. Here, Jasmine gives us a glimpse into her online world.

My favourite website... Honeyjam, of course - I love choosing with Honey what toys we put on the site, how the banners are going to look and different promotions and competitions. It is a whole shop in itself but it is fun to run.

My favourite app... Instagram - I'm afraid I'm hopelessly hooked. I find it very stimulating and inspiring. I love seeing what is happening on a ranch in Colorado, seeing icebergs on National Geographic or the surface of the moon on NASA. And of course there are lots of good mothering people to follow and great toy shops like Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop or Semmalina. I think Instagram is what you make it. I like following people who teach me something interesting.

My blog of choice is… Eva McMahon’s blog on fashion and motherhood - You can find her at glamazon and Kodomo; both are inspiring blogs for figuring out how and where to travel with kids.

My internet hero... I don't really have one yet... Any suggestions? Mariella Frostrup is one of my heroes. I listen to her on BBC Radio 4 so perhaps Radio 4 is my hero. I consider it my tertiary education and listen whenever I can.

My most recent buy online... always books - My last buy was an incredible book called ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’ by Caroline Myss. I have read it twice already and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Book just downloaded/ read... I'm afraid I don't download books, I enjoy holding them too much while I read them. I love putting them on a shelf and then lending them to someone or reading them again. The last book I read was ‘'The Forty Rules of Love’ by Elif Safak, which is great. Again, I was reading it for the second time. It is an incredible journey into love and the spirit.

My favourite tweeter... easy, Johnny Vegas and Dawn O'Porter!

My favourite instagrammer... being such a fan, I have a few! I love @sacredstonecamp for their work fighting the DAPL oil pipeline in the USA. I find their spiritual culture very inspiring. To remind me of home, I love @the.irish.aesthete which features lots of beautiful houses all over Ireland from a bygone era. A friend of mine curates @wonderandwater which is full of films she has made of water all over earth. It’s very relaxing and stimulating at the same time and also @savethechildren. I love seeing the results of their hard work, not just all over the globe but here in the UK too.

Social media allowed me to meet... My hero from Moone Boy, Chris O'Dowd and his amazingly cool wife Dawn. I grew up in Ireland at the time where Moone Boy is set so it really makes me howl with laughter. I met Dawn at a dinner a long time ago and we vaguely kept in touch through Twitter and Instagram and then I bumped into her and Chris at a charity event. They say you should not meet your heroes but he didn't disappoint. He was funny and charming... a great Irish mix.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to... TED talks - It’s always interesting and informative. It’s such a simple but genius idea.

Stand out online memory... The first time I read my Wikipedia and saw that half of it was completely wrong... Who writes that stuff anyway? And why do they think they know all about everyone? We cannot believe what we read online, more and more so it turns out!

Pet hate about life online... I hate the fact that you are followed everywhere you go. Cookies should be banned, as should selling our details to other businesses.

iPhone or Android? iPhone all the way!

March 2017

Photo courtesy of Adam Fusel