Home page: the founders of Rockett St George share their stellar online finds.

Jane Rockett and Lucy St George met as young mums in the early noughties. Back then, Lucy was working in retail while Jane was in marketing, having studied photography. But what really united them, beyond their young children of course, was a shared love of interiors. Spending the first three years of their friendship rearranging one another’s furniture, they eventually came to the realisation that, in a world of beige understatement, their uniting maximalism and onus on quirky fun could be the starting point for a business.

Both had dabbled in buying and selling via eBay and as part of a consortium. It seemed, then, like serendipitous moment to pool their resources. They bought a copy of Building a Website for Dummies, began to collect things they loved to sell, and soon found that what they amassed had outgrown their garages. Today, Rockett St George, their eponymous online store, has six warehouses in Sussex and a concession in Liberty.

We – along with the aesthetic cognoscenti – love their eccentricity, their irreverence and the offbeat details of everything they stock, as well as the glut of inspiration that can be found on their Insta feed. We’re far from alone, as attested by their lavishly beautiful and best-selling interiors books, Extraordinary Interiors and its follow-up, Extraordinary Interiors In Colour and their legions of devoted fans. Here they tell us how they’ve survived in lockdown (a clue: thank you Zoom) and why life without an iPhone is now an unthinkable idea.

My favourite website...

Jane: I have to say Rockett St George. It is the result of a lot of hard work by a great team of people and something that I am immensely proud of.
Lucy: If I'm honest, my most visited is eBay. I still love finding vintage pieces and random memorabilia to add to my eclectic home.

My favourite app...

Jane: Vivino App. I love wine and this is a great help in choosing the right one!
Lucy: It’s got to be Instagram for me. It is such a creative tool and great for discovering new things or finding inspiration.

My favourite blog...

Jane: Conde Nast Traveller – anything about travelling with beautiful photographs makes me happy.
Lucy: I love The Frugality by Alex Stedman. Her honesty is so refreshing.

My favourite podcast...

Jane: How to Fail with Elisabeth Day, a great series of interview which focuses on learning from your mistakes.
Lucy: Currently loving Pikes Podcast.

My favourite YouTuber...

Jane: I do not spend a huge amount of time on YouTube, but I do love a good TED Talk. My most recent favourite must be ‘What Beyoncé Taught Me About Race’ by Brittany Barron.
Lucy: I hardly ever spend time on YouTube, unless I am looking for something very specific. I am more of an Instagram Story lover – short stories from people I follow.

My most recent buy online...

Jane: Olaplex for my hair which is not looking its best due to lockdown. This will hopefully sort it out a bit.
Lucy: A stencil. I quite fancied getting creative in lockdown but realised I lack natural painting talent. So, I thought a stencil may help with that!

Last book you downloaded or read...

Jane: I’ve just purchased Trivial Pursuits by Raven Smith.
Lucy: I’ve just started Daisy Jones and the Six.

Favourite tweeter...

Jane: I don’t look at Twitter. I am more about pictures than words.
Lucy: I am all about the visuals, so Twitter is not for me.

Favourite Instagrammer...

Jane: DJ Fat Tony – he makes me laugh every day
Lucy: I couldn't possibly pick one, there are too many to mention.
@madaboutthehouse, @hollytucker, @michelleogundehin, @claptontram, @grillodesigns, @petrabarran, @sarahakisombe… I could go on forever!

Favourite tech gadget...

Jane: It has to be my smart phone; it is such a phenomenal piece of technology! On a smart phone you can watch TV, shop, talk to your friends, check facts, check the weather, find a recipe, read a book… need I go on?
Lucy: My iPhone 11. I would find it hard to live without it.

The most useful gadget/item on your desk ...

Jane: A tape measure. I use it when choosing and designing products. It is so important to get those measurements right.
Lucy: For me, it would again have to be my iPhone. I am still amazed at how wonderful it is.

Most useful digital resource during lockdown...

Jane: Probably just like everyone else, I am using Zoom to keep in touch with the team at Rockett St George, family and friends. It has enabled us to work and communicate effectively during lockdown. It also means I can spend time with my mum who is recovering from an operation and in the high-risk category.
Lucy: Instagram. It’s been a great source of food inspiration particularly and given me and my family lots of food-based activities to do throughout lockdown.

Most inspirational digital resource during lockdown...

Jane: I have found that the BBC News App is great for keeping me up to date and being alerted to new announcements.
Lucy: Rockett St George. Sorry for the shameless self-promotion, but I find the content which our marketing team produce for the website, blog and Instagram account truly engaging and inspiring. They work so hard to bring it all together and we are always delighted by what we see.

First thing/app you look at on your mobile when you wake up/in the morning...

Jane: I am trying to stop looking at my phone first thing in the morning so that I can start the day with my own thoughts. But if I am honest, I do find my myself looking at Instagram most mornings.
Lucy: My Gmail calendar to see what the plan is for the day, and then the weather with the hope that the sun will be shining!

Last thing you binge-watched...

Jane: Sharp Objects on Sky. It is very dark and sometimes a hard watch but exceptionally good.
Lucy: Little Fires Everywhere.

Favourite brands have you discovered online...

Jane: 1stdibs.co.uk, a luxury selection of fabulous vintage homeware and furniture. They also produce great articles for their readers.
Lucy: Oddbox. A London veg box company that saves the planet by rescuing surplus/wonky fruit and veg directly from farms. Also, Plantpack – they prevent waste and support British growers.

Social media allowed me to meet...

Jane: Jo Wood. We would see rare images of her home when she posted them on Instagram and when we discovered she was also a customer of ours we were thrilled! We contacted her to feature in our second Interiors book, Extraordinary Interiors in Colour, and not only got to meet her in person but also shoot her incredible home at the time. She is a wonderfully gentle and inspiring woman.
Lucy: The fabulous online interiors community. We have held many events over the years inviting wonderful members of the online interior’s community along with customers, press, bloggers and influencers. They are all such an amazing bunch of passionate, exciting, experimental and loyal people.

The best digital advice I've been given...

Jane: When creating content, be yourself, be unique.
Lucy: Don't take your phone to bed with you. Leave it to charge overnight in another room.

My screensaver is...

Jane: My sausage dog, Bella.
Lucy: A view from my holiday last year in Greece. It’s just pure blue sea and sky. It’s so calming.

My standout online memory...

Jane: Receiving our first online order from someone who wasn’t a friend or a member of our own families!
Lucy: One of our first ever products was featured in Vogue and on their online page. That was an amazing pinch-yourself moment.

Do you have any online rules or resolutions?

Jane: I am always trying to use my phone less and ensure that it isn’t in my bedroom when I am sleeping but am brilliant at forgetting about my good intentions.
Lucy: Never look at your phone in the middle of the night. You can lose hours of valuable sleep that way.

The Internet. On balance, a force for good or ill?

Jane: Like most things, a bit of both. We are grateful because Rockett St George would likely not exist and without it and our lives would not be the same. Enabling ‘keyboard warriors’ to voice damaging comments and opinions is one of the darker sides of the internet.
Lucy: A force for good. Having information and inspirational imagery at your fingertips is such a wonderful and life-changing thing.

By Nancy Alsop
July 2020


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