Henry Conway, fashion historian and events organiser, chooses his favourite sites.

“London would be a little more tedious without him,” - London Evening Standard.

Thrust into the public eye in 2008, Henry Conway is a fashion historian and one of the most successful party organisers in London. He has been at the forefront of London's nightlife, with his legendary Thursday night at Mayfair club Mahiki continuing to attract London’s best. Bungalow 8, Whisky Mist, The Brompton Club, Home House, Mortons, Disco 24, The Rose Club and The Sanderson have all benefitted from his particular brand of stardust.

As a journalist his column for The Archant London magazines has gained a cult following. He has also written for the New York Times T Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The New Statesman and the Daily Express. Henry's first book, Knit Couture, was published in the UK and the US. Henry has also appeared as a panellist on BBC’s Newsnight Review, on the BBC series British Style Genius, Twiggy’s Frock Exchange, Living’s The Truth About Beauty, and as an expert commentator on Channel Five’s Live from Studio Five and Five’s Vanessa Show. His first solo TV show aired in December 2011 on MTV - Vera Wang Princess Super Sweet. Henry was recently appointed Creative Director of the global music, club and lifestyle brand Hed Kandi.


Vintage Seekers
 - This is an amazing online gallery where you can buy top notch vintage everything from fashion to watches, wine to cars. It gives the collector access to a wide variety of unique and top quality heritage items, so you can curate yourself that lifestyle. A collector's dream, it also has a great online magazine and a search by anniversary and occasion feature - brilliant for those needing inspiration.

Atelier MeyerThe best online vintage womenswear shop in the world, Carmen Haid has the best taste of anyone I have met, and I have bought a lot of costume jewellery from this site.  Everything is hand picked and in good condition - clothes are treated like works of art, which when they are 1960s Chanel and 1950s Dior haute couture, is a wonderous thing.

LNCC - Boutiques and pop-up shops often have limited online offerings, but LNCC has created not only a super-cool space, but a super cool site. Check out new names you have yet to hear about, and hard to find designer labels you can't find anywhere else. Trend starts here.

Liberty London Girl - Liberty London Girl is now a fashion fixture - the official blogger of London Fashion Week, I trust her taste. Unlike some fashion bloggers, she lets us see more of her life and interests outside of fashion, and LLG Food is one of my favourite sections.  She cooks some delicious things, and I may have stolen a few recipes recently...

Cocomaya - A real weakness for me is good chocolate - my sweet tooth is exacting hideous revenge on my figure. Their salted caramels are the closest thing I think we will get to heaven on earth. The Cocomaya cafes are super chic, and order their artisanal products for a naughty treat, or send to a lover.

Fashion Gone Rogue - This is a resource I use as a creative the whole time. Style.com and Vogue.com are good for flicking through the shows, but this site pulls together campaigns, editorials and fashion pictures from all over the world. Great for inspiration, and seeing what fashion photography is up to globally.

Super Super - The cult magazine has edited content online, and look to it for stars of the future. Always ahead of the curve, they featured Lady Gaga before anyone had heard of Pokerface, back when wearing a unitard was considered a section-able sartorial act. New sounds, new styles and new trends are awaiting.

Vice - Vice magazine's website is brilliant - it never fails to raise a laugh. Their Made in Dalston spoof got everyone thinking it was happening, and one of the few London mags to do cultural satire spot on. Witty writing as it should be.

Hed Kandi - I now work with Hed Kandi and each day is like a joyous journey into disco fabulousness. I had long been a fan of their music, and now pop onto the site to download new releases and archive albums - best thing for getting the party started or finding a gym track.

14 February 2012