Henrietta Lovell, The Tea-Lady, founder of the award-winning, cult brand, Rare Tea Co, picks some favourite sites.

Henrietta Lovell is known around the world as The Tea-Lady. She is the founder and Managing Director of the award-winning, cult brand Rare Tea Co.

Lovell is at the forefront of the tea revolution - replacing industrial grade bags with the highest quality leaves. She works with chefs and sommeliers to pair flavours and create bespoke blends for some of the best restaurants in the world including Noma in Copenhagen, Momofuku in New York and The Fat Duck in the UK.

Henrietta travels the world working directly with small independent tea gardens from the Shire Highlands of Malawi to the foothills of the Himalayas. By sourcing direct from the farms, she is able to secure unique harvests and ensure that they are crafted using sustainable practices to benefit both the land and the people who live on it.

As an advocate for flavour Henrietta is ceaselessly adventuring and collaborating.


Coffee blog -  I know, I know but I’m allowed to drink coffee too. The man I admire most in the coffee world is Tim Wendelboe. However, he is far away in Norway. I keep up with his travels and adventures on his blog. Nothing better when I’m visiting a tea garden in China to read about Tim on a coffee farm in Africa. If I am the tea-lady, he is the coffee-man.

Ted Talks - I can get lost here for days. There is so much fascinating information, so many brilliant people and so much to learn.

TFL - I’m a Londoner. I was born here (at Hyde Park Corner) and I live in my city, all of it. I dash from Shoreditch to Soho. In a day, I might travel from Primrose Hill down to Brixton and up to Mayfair and across to Bank and round to Marylebone. I walk where I can but I rely on the Tube to make the bigger leaps. I always check TFL to see what lines are down or delays to avoid.

When the cab app, Hailo, gets round to Blackberry, I’ll be very happy. I love cabs more than is altogether seemly.

Twitter - Not big. Not clever. Probably not for long. But addictive for now.

Vimeo - Like YouTube but with less kittens and more interesting stuff.

The Onion - America’s Finest News Source. I used to live in New York and I still visit every few months to look after my customers there. Like Londoners, New Yorkers have a great sense of nonsense. And this is a brilliant example.

1 May 2013