The co-founder of Proporta, gadget case maker to the stars, flicks through his own smartphone and shares his online habits.

Nobody wants their phone to look the same as their friend or colleague. We all want a customized gadget case. Guy Monson was onto this idea a long time ago when, back in 1997, he – and his university friend Mike Coombes - set up Proporta from a bedroom in 1997.

Fast forward twenty-two years, and Proporta is now an award-wining manufacturer and retailer of mobile accessories including fashion cases for smartphones, tablets and e-readers. Proporta works with the likes of Ted Baker, Karen Millen and Fat Face and has made accessories for Barbour, Joules and National History Museum. In that time, he also launched Greenwich, a luxury leather accessories brand. Guy is passionate about the environment and the brand proudly supports an Education Programme in Sri Lanka, a charity set-up to provide children with everyday support and keep them in education.

Here Guy flicks through his own smartphone and shares his online habits.

My favourite website… Greenwich Design - I love the clean presentation, which makes our products the stars of the show. Otherwise it’s, I get to spend a bit of time in the mountains and, whether I’m skiing, biking, climbing or walking, the times I’ve not bothered to check Meteofrance before I left the house are the times I wished I had. Soaked to the skin, frozen and terrified on the side of a rock – forewarned is forearmed and you know what they say: “there’s no such thing as bad weather; only bad clothes.”

My favourite app… Tune-In Radio - I'm a card-carrying radio nerd. I had no chance - it’s in my blood. I used to work as a radio reporter in London, my father was Programme Editor of Today (BBC Radio 4’s flagship breakfast news programme) and his father received an OBE during the war for his work as Chief Engineer of the BBC – which was heavily engaged in using soft power (and propaganda) to win the war. I love the immediacy and the fact you can get on with almost anything while you’re listening.

My blog of choice… Guido Fawkes - Who doesn’t need a dose of provocation and irreverence?

My internet hero… Danny MacAskill - To be fair he’s more of a mountain biking hero but I look forward to his showreels with even more excitement than my second favourite, Candide Thovex.

My favourite podcasts ... The Long View (BBC), The Tip Off, The Briefing Room (BBC), Shortcuts (BBC). As a radio nerd, I love podcasts and there are loads more that I listen to, but The Long View is consistently a favourite. It’s a look at historical events that are repeating in the modern world and I find it comforting to see that there’s nothing new under the sun.” It might even save us: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana.

My most recent buy online was… A Suunto sports watch - It tells me my altitude and compass bearing (now I know which way up the map goes when I come out of a subway) and, somewhere in one of the menus, I think it tells the time as well.

Book just downloaded/ read… ‘All the Light We Cannot See’ by Anthony Doerr - I took this on holiday to India and I couldn’t put it down. Set in the Second World War, it tells the story of a young, blind French girl under German occupation, a young and brilliant German orphan dragged into the madness of Nazism and the darkness that fell across Europe with an irresistible (to me) nod to early radio transmissions.

Favourite tweeter… Ricky Gervais - “Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right.”

Favourite instagrammer… @danny_macaskill – Not only does he take breath taking photos of the beautiful scenery he’s lucky enough to travel to, but his bike parkour vids are fun to watch whilst stuck on the British transport system.

Social media allowed me to meet… the friends I lost along the way.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Proporta Education Foundation - The charity we set up to support Sri Lankan children and keep them in education. £100 funds a child for a whole year, every penny of every donation lands in full with the child.

Pet hate about life online… Shallow self-obsession and blandardised and inoffensive opinions. Free speech was hard-won, and it worries me when people are in such a hurry to take offence at other people’s views, crushing them under a barrage of virtue signalling and off-the-peg opinions from the echo chamber.

Stand out online memory… Hello - Walk off the Earth + Myles Erlick & Isaac Lupien (Whippy Tube and Tap Dance Cover) - At school I was only allowed to play the triangle in music so when I see all that going on in one take I think they’re rubbing my nose in it.

August 2018