The journalist and author of Lost in Motherhood talks about house snooping online and the female friendships she has forged through social media.

Journalist and author, Grace Timothy has contributed to Vogue, Glamour, STYLE, Stella and Red. Her latest book, Lost In Motherhood, is published by Harper Collins this spring. Described as ‘The Wrong Knickers’ for mums, this wry, resonant and darkly funny memoir explores the identity shift that occurs with first-time motherhood. For The Good Web Guide this month she talks about her love of house snooping and the female friendships she has forged through social media.

My favourite website… I’m a bit obsessed with AirBnB - I wish it was because we travel a lot, but I tend to start off on there looking for somewhere to stay for a wedding or something, and then end up in a vortex of gorgeous cottages and lofts that are in no way relevant. It’s all about the interiors porn, and the random pictures some homeowners think will be alluring, for example, a really dodgy, night-vision picture of a hedgehog sniffing around the back door.

My favourite app… the Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer app - It’s like Candy Crush but you play it with your vagina.

My blog of choice… I have to be honest; I mostly digest stuff via Instagram at the moment. I love a really long, meaty caption. But that often leads me to the Too Much Mothering Information blog and Emma Gannon’s. I miss Lenny Letter.

My internet hero… Right now, it’s Jameela Jamil - She’s making real change happen, using her platform to shift the power balance. My other internet hero is @Kisscub – she’s Grace, the mother of Ami-Grace, who has very complex health issues. If it wasn’t for Instagram, I wouldn’t be aware of her story, and yet it’s changed the way I parent in many ways, and definitely the way I see other people. Hers are the stories I watch everyday, and I’m rooting for them. I think all their followers are.

My favourite podcasts... David Tennant Does A Podcast with…, Woman’s Hour Podcast and The Emma Guns Show.

My most recent buy online… A t-shirt from The Pelican and The Rose. I absolutely love it, all the more because it’s made lovingly by a working mother who bares her soul in the pursuit of connections with other women.

Book just downloaded/ read… I just recently finished ‘The Girl Who Fell From The Sky’ by Heidi Durrow which made me cry a lot. And now I’m starting Philippa Perry’s ‘The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read’, and hope I’ll cry less but maybe that’s wishful thinking…

Favourite tweeter… Matt Coyney, Tetyana Denford, Otegha K Uwagba, Sathnam Sanghera… There are so many more, I love Twitter.

Favourite Instagrammer… Humans Of NY

Social media allowed me to meet… Back in the day – circa 2009 - Twitter really was a perfect network of journalists, which was amazing for me as a young freelancer. I met lots of editors who I would go on to work with via Twitter. Then my publisher suggested re-joining Instagram (which I’d left years before) and in a similar way I found myself in a community of authors, actually, all of whom were incredibly supportive, especially Unmumsy Mum’s Sarah Turner, Daisy Buchanan and Clemmie Hooper, AKA Mother of Daughters. It also re-introduced me to Georgia Tennant who I’d met as a child when our dads worked together but is now one of my favourites on Instagram; she’s hilarious. And the amazing Mothers2Mothers team, including the mothers from sub-Saharan Africa who have been trained up to empower women diagnosed as HIV+ to live and care for their children. They’re real-life heroes, and I can’t imagine how on earth I would I have met them if it hadn’t been for social media.


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