The founder of Soda Says – the School of the Digital Age, a platform for the coolest tech products and ideas, shares her top tips.

Grace Gould knows a thing or two about tech. Having spent time working in retail, venture capital and manufacturing, it dawned on her that nobody spoke to women about lifestyle technology, even though they are the greatest consumers of it. So, in 2017, she set up Soda Says – the School of the Digital Age. The website’s mission is to sell tech that makes our lives easier, smarter and more fun. Its motto is: “useful is the new cool”. The Evening Standard describes it as a “zeitgeist online emporium”. The Sunday Times has called it “the future of shopping”.

Here, Grace lets us in on her online secrets.

My favourite website… Allbirds – We’ve spent hours in the office asking how we can get Soda Says to look this good.

My favourite app… beautystack - It’s like Instagram for beauty – but rather than just lusting after that hairstyle or that nail art, you can actually book the treatment for yourself.

My blog of choice… Leanluxe - OK, it may be an online news outlet rather than a blog, but it is hands down the best place to learn about new consumer brands and retail trends.

My internet hero… Martha Lane Fox, for her phenomenal Doteveryone campaign, which champions responsible technology.

My most recent buy online… a pair of Mary Jane Claverol earrings - I discovered the brand at a hotel gift shop in Menorca and wanted to get another pair. The shipping fee is huge – so, Farfetch, if you’re listening, please start stocking her!

The book I’ve just downloaded or read… very embarrassing! I read fantasy books on flights and just read Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey. It’s basically Game of Thrones meets Fifty Shades of Grey. Someone should make a TV series of it.

My favourite Tweeter… @ladyhaja - Who scours the internet for the funniest memes so you don’t have to (and posts fantastic long-form journalism about important women’s issues and mental health, too).

My favourite Instagrammer… @stylemesunday - I go to her feed whenever I need an intravenous shot of confidence teaching women to be brave and bold. She does this while wearing the most drool-worthy collection of sequin prints. She’s my north star.

Social media allowed me to meet… HAPPY-NES - I found this brand, who take real Apple headphones and cover them in colourful hand-woven threads in Istanbul, on Instagram. We reached out and we ended up stocking the product on Soda Says. It’s become one of our best sellers! All from a DM.

The most worthwhile newsletter that I subscribe to… Soda Says Sunday Tech Round-up. I don’t write it, which is why I can say it’s the best tech round-up you’ll read. At times laugh-out-loud funny; at times absolutely terrifying. If you haven’t subscribed, you’re missing out.

My pet hate about life online… That people on WhatsApp can always see when you’ve read their message.

My stand-out online memory… My entire childhood spent on the virtual pet community, Neopets.

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