Gigi Foyle co-founder of bag&bones, a new neon art label, talks luminous lips, logos and working with Kate Moss.

Irish sisters, Gigi and Cav Foyle launched bag&bones, a site selling LED neon art – think luminous lips to logos and hashtags - last summer. In a flash, the business ballooned, in part down to social media (they already have 25k followers on Instagram) and in part, down to the gap in the neon lighting market.

The girls, who describe themselves as frustrated artists – spot the former scientist and aviation lawyer - sell LED neon which is a more environmentally sustainable type of art than traditional glass neon. It consumes 70-90% less energy and has an average lifespan of approximately 30,000 hours – a much more sustainable solution for the planet.

“We want bag&bones neon to be all about fun and joie de vivre, but it’s really important to us that we create a product that limits our impact on the environment,” says Gigi. “Our neon balances that care-free attitude on the one side, and that sense of environmental responsibility on the other.” Inspired by urban street culture, art and fashion, their off-the-shelf collection, including geometric graphics, whimsical text and lyrical slogans, bring an edge of cool to any interior. “The seductive glow of neon has lured me in for as long as I can remember," continues Gigi. "As well as lighting any scene beautifully and drawing attention, neon light just has such a positive effect on my mood.”

Here Gigi gives us an insight into her life online...

My favourite website… - It is a beautiful French cult store, hosting an incredible selection of merchandise. It is the store where you find virtually everything hip, from toys and magazines to furniture, jewelry and clothes… lots of beautiful clothes!

My favourite app… I mean, this has got to be Instagram - We’re a tiny bit obsessed! It is such an amazing tool for startups and has really helped us build our brand. Who knows where we would be without it.

My blog of choice… The Frugality - Alex Stedman has amazing taste, both personally and in terms of interiors. The site is not all high-end; she will wear high street brands; she just has a great eye.

My internet hero… Scott Schuman from the Sartorialist - I’ve been following him for as long as I can remember. I just love the way he somehow manages to capture the real essence of his subjects. He is just brilliant.

My most recent buy online was… Well, I was just looking at some white trainers on (that’s your fault for asking me what my favourite website is and reminding me to go and look!); I honestly don’t need another pair of white trainers… but they’re half price…

Book just downloaded/ read… ‘Deep Work’ by Cal Newport - It’s about learning to focus without distraction, something I really need. I’m constantly allowing myself to get distracted; I’m hoping I’ll read this book and be a changed women… Watch this space.

Favourite tweeter… Barack Obama - He just talks a lot of sense.

Favourite instagrammer… Design Milk - I basically want every single thing on their feed.

Social media allowed me to meet… Kate Moss via the Kate Moss Agency - They asked us to do their logo for them and obvs that was one I insisted on delivering by hand myself!

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… The - A thrice-weekly email from two veteran journalists (Rachel Sklar and Glynnis MacNicol) who highlight awesome things being done and made by women. (Plus, things women need to know.)

Pet hate about life online... It’s so addictive. I’ve had to enforce a social media ban on myself at times otherwise it’s so easy to get lost in the internet ether. I try to log off at the weekends and spend the time with my children, rather than scrolling through insta.

Stand out online memory… Our first big festival was Wilderness and seeing all the pictures online afterwards was amazing. We felt very lucky to have an opportunity to showcase our lights at a festival as spectacular as Wilderness so soon after we launched. It really was something else.

iPhone or Android? iPhone all the way.

August 2017