The digital officer of The Mayhew, the much-loved animal welfare charity and winner of GWG Charity of the Year 2018, shows us around her web.

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas. Nobody knows this better than Georgie Wishart, who is website and digital officer at Mayhew Animal Home, one of the busiest animal sanctuaries in the capital.

By making digital a part of the charity’s wider strategy, and using social media to its advantage, Georgie has been able to create more awareness and rescue more animals in need. The 132-year-old charity helps thousands of dogs and cats escape a life of abandonment, cruelty and neglect each year.

The new site, launched in June, has improved user experience by creating a streamlined donations process and allowing users to access help from the charity’s community projects. The site is the charity’s number one tool for brand awareness and growth.

We are thrilled to tell you that the much-loved animal welfare charity Mayhew Animal Home won the 2018 Good Web Guide Charity Category Award.

Winning the 2018 Good Web Guide Charity Category Award is exciting because… This is the first website project that I have personally managed from start to finish. We chose to work with the agency, adaptable, who were a fantastic partner to have on board. They designed a website that is creative, very user friendly and navigationally robust. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved with this site and it will allow us to help even more dogs, cats and communities.

My favourite website… Behance, which is an online showcase of creative work. If I am ever lacking inspiration, especially for design, then I visit Behance to look at what the top creatives around the world have been doing. I always leave feeling very inspired.

My favourite app… As someone who is passionate about both photography and animals, I would have to say Instagram. I find it to be a very positive social community and it has helped Mayhew Animal Home connect and build relationships with animal influencers and supporters.

My blog of choice… Nonprofit Tech for Good - This is a great blog for any digital bods within the charity sector. It offers very practical advice and tips for digital communication and an insight into donor behaviour and fundraising.

My internet hero… Matt Mullenweg who is the co-creator of Wordpress, which we use as our CMS at Mayhew Animal Home. Creating this amazing open source tool that now powers over 31% of the internet is very inspiring. Plus he’s a bookworm, which I can identify with.

My favourite podcasts... Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review - I am a big film fan, so I listen to it religiously for general wittering and reviews. Hello to Jason Isaacs! I also enjoy listening to Adam Buxton and his dog Rosie on The Adam Buxton Podcast.

My most recent buy online… I bought my mum a reusable coffee cup and had it delivered straight to her house in Leeds. She normally buys a coffee in the morning on her way to work and now she can take her eco-friendly cup with her.

Book just downloaded/ read… ‘Notes on a Nervous Planet’ by Matt Haig - I found this book to be a brilliant escape from the information overload that modern life presents. Matt’s down-to-earth advice reminds you that it’s okay to switch off every now and again.

Favourite Tweeter… I can’t get enough of the cat, Curious Zelda! - She was adopted from Mayhew Animal Home several years ago and has become a social media celebrity. She has the most intense facial expressions you will ever see.

Favourite Instagrammers… I would have to say two of our TheraPaws programme dogs, Marcel Le Corgi and Pop Sausage. They both use their Instagram accounts to raise awareness for charities like Mayhew Animal Home.

Social media allowed me to meet… a whole community of people who are passionate about animal welfare. Instagram, in particular, has allowed me to ‘meet’ other people who are also vegan (like me) and who are always there to share inspiration, help and support each other.

December 2018