The web has worked wonders for this week’s guest editor, the Filipino entrepreneur Gem Misa.

In 2015, Gem Misa co-founded Cauli Rice (rebranded as Fullgreen), a business selling the world’s first long-life microwave ready-made Cauliflower Rice. It is a low-carbohydrate, vegan and gluten-free cauliflower-based rice alternative.

Gem, who has won numerous awards including Richard Branson’s ’Pitch to Rich UK’, leverages social media to increase online sales and recently raised £1.4m on a crowdfunding platform. Here, she talks about the startup helping the homeless find paid work, gym clothes and her daily reading hour.

My favourite app… City Mapper - I have a terrible sense of direction so this app is an absolute necessity for me. It offers various options for routes of how to get from point A to point B, including bus and train schedules down to the minute to help you maximise your travel time.

My blog of choice… - I find that I don’t usually have the time to regularly keep up with blogs. But from the ones I’m aware of, I enjoy more lifestyle blogs such as The Study by 1st Dibs that talks about interior design, art and fashion.

My internet hero… Alex Stephany - Alex left a successful tech start-up to start BEAM. This great new start-up uses the crowdfunding concept to raise funds for job and skills training for homeless people who want to rejoin the workforce and help get their lives back on track.

My favourite podcasts... My current favourite is MindBodyGreen hosted by Jason Wachob. He interviews various founders and influencers in the health and fitness industry. They talk about how their businesses came about and offer great advice to people who want to start businesses in this space.

My most recent buy online… Gym clothes from Sweaty Betty! I hardly have time to shop the high street so getting things online has been so much easier for me.

Book just downloaded/ read… ‘Conversations with Friends’ by Sally Rooney - In my effort to get my seven-year-old excited about reading, we have just started a daily ‘reading hour’ where we all pick up books we like and bury our noses in it. I’ve just started reading fiction again and this book was recommended to me as nice easy and enjoyable reading.

Favourite tweeter… Elizabeth Windsor @Queen_UK - It’s a completely useless fictional account but is quite funny to follow.

Favourite instagrammer… @TheFeedFeed by Julie Resnick - This has the most amazing looking food posts ranging from the healthy to the atrociously unhealthy but all drool-worthy.

Social media allowed me to meet… our first employee, Lucy who is an absolute superstar.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… I like WelltoDo which talks about all the new products and trends in the health and fitness industry.

Pet hate about life online… trolls! People don’t need to waste their time reading negative thoughts from unhappy people.

Stand out online memory… Completing our very first funding round online through, which basically launched our business, Fullgreen!

June 2018