Father Christmas shares a little secret with us, his favourite websites.

Ho, ho, ho me hearties (sorry that was a pirate voice), well boys and girls (ah yes – that’s better), have you been good this year? No, not you Google, you’re on the naughty step (and you Facebook, Starbucks and Amazon – no presents for you) but for the rest of you who have behaved impeccably (and paid your taxes in full) it’s time for some general merriment, some revelling in the good old glee that is the world wide web (ho, ho, ho)! Yes, there are a few sites that Mrs Claus and I use on a regular basis and boy do we love them! So here is a round up. Oh I do love all this technology (it’s making the run up to Christmas just that little bit easier, ho, ho, ho!), now where’s that sledge wax?


Hamleys - OK, OK I admit it, there are days when my legion of helpers (elves reindeer and the odd goat) sometimes fall behind with production; in which case I go to the very best toy manufacturer around. This site is crammed with everything you could possibly need for a Christmas to remember. Plus you can avoid Oxford Street – very hard to park a sledge there, what with the congestion charge and the exorbitant cost of parking.

Claus.com - So much to do and so many stockings to fill! Rudolph my lovely are we on schedule? Just one thing though children, if you’re naughty then my cinder bags will be all you have – why not have an exclusive check on my Naughty or Nice list, simply write your name to see what Santa Claus’ little helpers have told me about you. Yes this site is a Godsend!

AwkwardFamilyPhotos - After my global travelling and squeezing down your tiny chimneys, yes they seem to get tinier all the time, and don’t tell me those mince pies had anything to do with it, ho ho ho, it’s time for Santa to have a jolly good laugh, and here is a much-loved site to get you chuckling. You must check it out, with lots of hilarious photos and videos, and the most awkward Christmas puzzle ever via their online store, ho, ho, ho!

SendaCow  - Now as well as a big belly I also have a big heart, SendaCow is an incredible charity that helps the people of Africa move out of poverty. The pass it on principle is definitely something that would get you in my good books, with livestock and skills passed onto African communities, helping the younger generations to keep out of poverty. Almost 14,000 thousand families will be helped this year, with education is a massive priority, find out about their school fundraising scheme and teaching resources at this natty domain. SendaCow and I might just send you Rudolph for the year!
Best Parties Ever - Perhaps you thought Santa doesn’t drink as he leaves those glasses of mulled wine untouched. Well I am afraid Santa just doesn’t drink and drive! But he does love a good party! Choose a fantastic venue from around the UK at incredibly affordable prices, witness fantasy themed entertainment or hire your own private bar. As if that’s not enough you can take advantage of the party package with a state of the art disco, intelligent lighting, free parking, a free cloakroom, and a survivors breakfast, not to mention professional photography for those amazing memories.

Paperstyle - My favourite thing of all about Christmas is the cards and I have had some amazing ones this year courtesy of Paperstyle. It is a jolly good way to remind loved ones how much you care, even if they arrive after the Christmas deadline! Photo cards are increasingly popular and getting it right is just vital, there are four magnificent tips to make you an expert, oh and they will also tell you how to order efficiently avoiding those heart aching mistakes, so after you have sussed that the perfect Christmas photo card is all yours in just seven easy steps, ho, ho, ho!

Updated December 2019