Erica Illingworth, founder of Molly Brown London and Molly B Couture, picks some favourite sites.

Erica Illingworth is the founder of girl's jewellery brand Molly Brown London - or as Vogue calls it, 'The Tiffany's for little girls'. Her jewellery is the best-selling children's accessory in both Harrods and Selfridges. In 2012 she launched a much anticipated jewellery collection for women - Molly B Couture.


The Real Flower Company - Utterly beautifully flowers interspersed with herbs. Bouquets arrive in luxury boxes tied with sumptuous ribbons.

Recipe Rifle - Totally amusing and well written blog by freelance journalist Esther Walker. Great recipes with witty running commentary that helps you get it right.

Pinterest - My first thoughts were- 'Oh no not another Twitter/Facebook/YouTube phenomenon' and then my daughter showed me her 'mood boards' and I realised that some of the images and mood boards that people create are truly inspirational and a fantastic source for creative ideas.

Tesco - Boring but essential help for a busy parent running their own business. I tried Ocado for a while but kept getting lost in the larder department. I can do a shop for a family of five in twenty minutes on this site – marvellous!

Magnum Pleasure Hunt - Some of the cleverest graphics I’ve ever seen. Totally entertaining.

GWG: Esther Walker's first book, The Bad Cook is published on 28th March and is available from Amazon.

26 March 2013