The canny entrepreneur and founder of Seenit, the video app turning the masses into storytellers.

Emily Forbes got the idea for her video collaboration app, Seenit, whilst making a film about rhino conservation protesters in South Africa in 2012. The 30-year-old noticed that everyone at the protest was capturing the activity on their mobile phones. It was real and authentic. With that, Seenit was born. A video collaboration tool that enables companies to produce high impact, authentic video at scale by engaging their community; whether that be their employees, customers or fans around the world.

People are filming more than ever as everyone has a smartphone, and so camera, in their pocket. Companies are finding hard to tap into and utilise this human behaviour. The tech behind Seenit amplifies the voices most relevant to your company and finds the stars from your audience, motivating them to become part of your ‘mobile film crew’. Clients are as diverse as The Body Shop, Unilever, Adidas and the BBC. We asked Emily to share her favourite websites.

My favourite website... At the moment it's Trouva - I’m moving flat and we've just moved into a new office so I’m loving exploring the unique collections from bricks and mortar boutiques around the UK which otherwise I would never have the chance to discover. The best part of the site is that it champions the inspiring stories and journeys of the people who own and run the stores; it makes any purchase feel so much more special. I highly recommend.

My favourite app... Airbnb - Always so inspired by the design, the content and the focus on community. Now with the experiences, you can jump into it making it the perfect app to flip through as you dream up your next possible adventure. I also have to add in that I love Seenit of course!

My internet hero... Megan Smith - An incredible woman who was the 3rd Chief Technology Officer of the United States and Assistant to the President, serving under President Barack Obama. One of her messages is that to make an impact you don’t have to learn to code to succeed, but instead people should be focused on building creative confidence especially in young people to believe in their own ideas, as this is what will drive real change in the world.

My most recent buy online... a weekend in a Mr & Mrs Smith hotel - For my boyfriend’s birthday in a few weeks. It's a surprise so hope he doesn’t read this before we go! But I can't wait; I don't think anything beats a UK mini break.

Book just read...I've just been given The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson - I'm only a chapter in but already scribbling down so many notes. Why didn't I read this before?

Favourite tweeter… Emma Sinclair @ES_Entrepreneur - An inspiring, honest and funny founder who just always manages to make me smile. She is also a huge promoter of female founders and helping them to connect to one another on Twitter, something we can all probably try and do more of.

Favourite instagrammer… Reuben Dangoor - I love his witty reactive illustrations to anything going on in the world from politics to football. He has an incredible way of understanding how communities are feeling at a specific moment and summing it up in a single image. It's so inspiring to watch not only his journey as a creative but also where his work ends up. His last image found its way as Ian Wright's profile picture on Twitter and was then picked up on Sky News all within a day.

Social media allowed me to meet… Stacey Solomon - I was able to meet her last week because Emma tagged us in a tweet. She is just awesome.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… DigiDay – It’s a daily must-read among influencers and creates content, services and community that foster change in media and marketing.

Pet hate about life online… Those dresses I didn't really love in the first place which now follow me round online.

Stand out online memory… YouTube: Life In A Day - When I first tried to create a crowdsourced documentary and was researching on YouTube for content. I then discovered the Life in a Day trailer on YouTube. It is still today one of my favourite pieces of content.

iPhone or Android? iPhone but I of course still love Android as Seenit is on both :)

September 2017