bigdog CCO and Exec Director at the missiontm shares his favourite online destinations.

Dylan Bogg is Chief Creative Officer of bigdog and was one of the founding partners of Big Communications. He had built a successful business by the age of twenty-four and this was used as the bedrock for the launch of Big Communications in 1996, which went on to become bigdog. Dylan now oversees all creative output across four UK locations and is an Executive Director at the missiontm, headline sponsor of this year's GWG Website of the Year Awards.

My favourite website... Training Peaks - Mid-life crisis has set in and I have fallen for a new mistress – triathlon! So, a website that allows me to track and monitor every single moment of my Lycra-clad training is a high in my day. Intensity, heart rate, distance, power output, training effect. It covers it all. And I am addicted. Sad. But true.

My favourite app... Sonos - I was not alone in having major problems coming to terms with the harsh reality of the death of actually purchasing music. At a store. Surely the art of the record and CD cover should be cherished forever? But then the Sonos system and app arrived. And, suddenly all was well with the music world. I think this app has helped scores of middle aged fools come to terms with the modern world of music rental and usage. And, like most brilliant ideas it’s soooooo simple. Outstanding.

My favourite blog... Dave Trott - Every single article he writes makes me wish I had written it. Brutally honest. And brilliantly incisive. I encourage anyone in this business to read it.

My pet hate about life online... The narcissistic tendencies of people I previously believed to be sane and balanced. The ability to put fake news out as fact without any reasonable checks or censure. And cats. I don’t give a s*** if your cat can play the piano. I f***ing hate cats.

My standout online memory... My mate’s cat playing the piano. It was epic!

Most worthwhile newsletter... Campaign and David Reviews - Both brilliant shortcuts to what’s going on in the industry. And short and sweet enough to make me compelled to take a look.

My most recent purchase online... Lycra. Obvs.

August 2017