The founder of ZoomDoc, an on-demand GP service providing trusted NHS GPs who are on-call 24-7, talks about the web.

Experienced GP Dr Kenny Livingstone is the founder of ZoomDoc, an on-demand GP service providing trusted NHS GPs who are on-call 24-7 and come to you in minutes. ZoomDoc is the only doctor app in the UK to offer video, phone and face-to-face consultations. Since its inception, ZoomDoc quickly exceeded its fundraising target and introduced a corporate doctor on demand service, aimed at allowing employers the ability to offer provide simple, fast and easy healthcare benefits to their staff, either at the office or at their home.

Today, he talks about juggling his new app and his three children, his favourite medical blog and how Andy Murray invested in his digital venture.

My favourite website… Patient - The site, which offers health information you can trust, is a great resource for patients and GPs alike.

My favourite app… I start my day by checking BBC News and the alerts are very handy for keeping me up to date with home and international news. Managing my time between ZoomDoc and my three children means I rarely have the time to sit down with the paper, and having the news delivered to me via an app is very handy.

My favourite blog… Dr Mummykins - We’ve worked closely with the founder Dr Claudia Pastides. Her blog is always great for keeping me up to speed on children’s health.

My internet hero… Andy Murray - Not solely an internet hero, but he is also an investor in ZoomDoc. It’s always great to see him prove all those who doubt him wrong time and time again.

My favourite podcasts... This American Life - This always offers great insights into the perspectives and stories of people from different walks of life.

My most recent buy online was… the weekly shop! The life of a doctor is a busy one and in between seeing patients, running ZoomDoc and spending time with my family, I don’t have much time to shop for anything more extravagant than groceries.

Book just downloaded/ read… I have just finished This is Going to Hurt, Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor by Adam Kay - A truly hilarious memoir which, amongst other things, really encapsulates the trials and tribulations of working for the NHS.

Favourite tweeter… Dr Hempel Network @digitalhealth2 - A great way to keep up to date with the recent advances and developments in health tech and news.

Favourite Instagrammer… I would have to say @doctors_kitchen. - Fellow GP Dr Rupy Aujla posts some great healthy recipes.

Social media allowed me to meet… A lot of the doctors now working with ZoomDoc initially approached me via social media. They felt frustrated at the ways in which they were limited from working directly and personally with their patients and felt an affinity with our desire to remove some of those barriers between patients and doctors. It’s great to see those doctor’s tweet about how much they enjoy working with us!

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Simple Politics - Brexit is having a huge impact on the NHS and our services, but it is so difficult to follow as what Brexit means for the future of our society seems to change every single day. This newsletter is sent out on a weekly basis and summarises what parliament is up to. It allows me to stay up-to-date and seem somewhat informed when talking about any news relating to health policy!

Pet hate about life online… I dislike people who are unkind to one another. The internet was designed to harbour connections between people and it is sad to see people attacking each other without cause.

Stand out online memory… The launch of ZoomDoc in 2017. We were building to this moment for a long time, so to be able to announce it to everyone online and in the press was exciting. The new app launch has felt much the same as we have been shouting from the rooftops encouraging everyone to try out the service and the user-friendly tech that our team spent so long on developing.

February 2019