The CEO and Co-Founder of mental wellbeing and personal development app, Remente, shows us around his web.

When it comes to taking care of yourself and life goals, looking after your mental health is key. After learning the hard way, David Brudö developed personal development and mental wellbeing app, Remente, to help you juggle better.

Having spent over ten years as an entrepreneur and the ups and downs that brings, David realised he was running a daily mental marathon, without having prepared for it. And, once he looked for help, he found that most efforts to manage mental health are focused on health care, which is when things have gone too far. That led to the birth of Remente, an App to help people and organisations maintain and improve their mental strength from a wellness perspective, with the mission to democratising mental wellbeing. The App launched globally in 2016 and now has over 200,000 downloads.

Their recent update features ‘Journey Mode’; a visual representation of a user’s journey that helps them relate to and reach their goal and Offline Mode’, so users can access all of the courses and features without any signal or Wi-Fi connection.

Remente is available to download for free on Android from the Google Play Store and on iOS from the Apple App Store.

My Favourite Website... Quora - Its Q&A approach to anything in life is really intriguing and brings a lot of interesting questions and answers from all over the world. There is quite literally a question and answer to everything you can think of. Some of them can be genuinely funny or really quite helpful. It’s a big step up from the days of Yahoo Answers!

My Favourite App... Spotify - Having almost all of the world’s music at your fingertips is just amazing and being able to explore genres of music you would never think of listening to, opens up a whole avenue of new finds.

My Favourite Blog... TechCrunch - It’s far from being the blog it used to be and is now the go to place for what’s going on in the tech startup and venture capital world. They’re the leading source of tech news for me and the first place I go to for any technology or funding news.

My Internet/Tech Hero... Mark Zuckerberg - The impact he’s had with Facebook is truly incredible, and then deciding to donate the majority of his ultra mega fortune to charity, is a great example of a selfless human being in our time. He’s one of the richest men in the world and it all started in a room at college. It shows great ideas can happen anywhere!

My Most Recent Buy Online... I emergency bought a tuxedo a couple of weeks back from Tigers of Sweden, as I was attending a 100th year anniversary party, requiring black tie dress code.

Book I've Just Downloaded/Read... Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates US, by Daniel H. Pink - I am extremely interested in finding out what makes people tick. The app focuses on motivation and helps people achieve their goals, by understanding for themselves what drives them. For me to personally learn more and more about motivation, only helps me understand people better and portray that through the app.

My Favourite Tweeter... James Altucher - He tweets interesting, insightful and genuinely helpful articles and tips, such as: How to be a better writer and 10 things more important than money. He released a book recently called ‘Reinvent Yourself’ which I hope to read through soon.

My Favourite Instagrammer... Thefatjewish - He curates funny online memes relating to the hot topics of social media and sometimes politics, celebrities and general pop-culture. It’s a great account to follow when you just simply need to laugh at something. He has an acquired sense of humour (if you don’t take him too seriously) but I can find myself scrolling for ages through his images.

My Pet Hate About Life Online... I removed some social media apps from my phone because they often cause unwanted stress and anxiety. After deleting the apps from my phone, my quality of life improved a lot. I encourage anyone who is looking to detox from social media to consider doing this, even just for a short time and enjoy focusing on yourself rather than others.

Social Media Allowed Me to Meet... Steve Blank - The father of customer development that eventually led into the Lean Startup movement. Me and my wife actually met him on our honeymoon to Silicon Valley, which he probably found quite weird and fun. We certainly did!

My Stand Out Online Memory... In the mid-nineties, my dad made a website about me and sister. At the time, I thought it was really embarrassing and looked,,, like something made in the mid-nineties. As it was made in the advent of the Internet, it rated quite high on web search results for several years. My dad forgot the login credentials, so the website stayed live until the company who hosted the web domain closed down.

Most Worthwhile Newsletter/Mailer Subscribed To... Barking Up The Wrong Tree by Eric Barker - He brings the latest from science that helps you be awesome in life, including articles such as How To Be Calm Under Pressure: 3 Secrets From A Bomb Disposal Expert and 4 Easy Tricks That Will Make You Productive: Proven Secrets From Robert Cialdini.

April 2017