The Managing Director of TouchNote, the photo-card sending app, shows us around his web.

Dan Ziv used to be a lawyer. Now he is a respected technology entrepreneur. Following the successful sale of his first venture (the restaurant reservation app Uncover), he joined TouchNote and is now Managing Director of the world’s most popular photo-card sending app. Dan is an advisor and board member in several early and late stage startups, mentors at Techstars London and is a founding member of Founders of the Future.

Since launching in 2008, TouchNote has sent over ten million postcards to friends and family all over the world. Part of the app’s success is how it marries the best of the new world (digital, fast, super easy) with the old world (physical, meaningful, tangible). Users turn photos into postcards and presents with a seamless user experience on your smartphone. We are thrilled to announce that TouchNote won themission Good Web Guide App of the Year Award 2018.

Today we quiz Dan on his online shopping, audio books and his internet hero who has redefined marketing for the web industry.

It was exciting for us to win GWG App of the Year 2018 because… TouchNote stands for thoughtfulness, and voting us App of the Year is a privilege and an honour that will help to carry our message of caring to a wider audience. In this day and age, everyone should be a bit more thoughtful and considerate towards their neighbours, friends and loved ones.

My favourite website... Sorry, I'm much more of an app person than a website person. I honestly rarely visit websites nowadays, but often check in with VICE and The Atlantic for fresh perspectives, though usually through social media.

My favourite app... Well... I have to say TouchNote. I truly love using our app, but if I had to choose another I would probably go with Headspace: Meditation. Those guys are legends and are true comrades in the mission to improve people's lives using the devices in their pockets.

My internet heroes in 2018… Sean Ellis and Ben Horowitz. Ellis has redefined marketing for the whole industry. His book 'Hacking Growth' is an essential read for anyone in startup land. Horowitz's book 'The Hard Thing About Hard Things' is the most eloquent and downright accurate portrayal of the struggle of entrepreneurship.

My favourite podcast… Hardcore History by Dan Carlin, but I'm much more of an Audible e-book listener.

My most recent buy online… An electric toothbrush, and a present for my Secret Santa at work. I also ordered an iRobot that my partner forced me to cancel, because even with a Black Friday discount she felt like it would be cheaper to let me sweep the floor myself once in a while.

Book just downloaded/read… I listen to many audiobooks through Audible (I love that service!). My recent recommendations are the twin releases by Stephen Fry, 'Mythos' and 'Heroes'. Fry is unmatched in his non-linear narration and dramatic delivery. It would be difficult to find a better read, or listen, this Christmas.

Favourite Instagrammer… @garyvee - An obvious choice because everyone needs a bit of inspiration once in a while.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Andrew Chen - General Partner at A16Z's marvellous and thorough newsletter about all things tech.

Pet hate about life online… The sheer number of emails one gets a day. I would put my count at 200 easily. Surely there is a better way.

January 2019