Online earning: a chat with the tech entrepreneur behind

Tech entrepreneur, Chris Morling set up the successful comparison website during the financial crisis of 2008 when more than ever, people wanted to save money. The 46-year-old’s site now has between 2.5 and 3 million customers a month, a turnover of £23 million-plus and profits of around £8 million. The Sunday Times ranked as the UK's second fastest growing business in 2015 and Chris made the 2016 shortlist for EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Here, he tells The Good Web Guide about shopping for sweets, books that inspire, his favourite app and his Amazon Echo.

My favourite website… TED - A three-minute TED Talk even makes brushing your teeth enjoyable.

My favourite app... Audible - I listen to books in the car, jogging and on the loo.

My blog of choice... Seth Godin - He helps you think about something new every day.

My internet hero... Jeff Jarvis - He is a blogger, author and professor of journalism. I don’t always agree, but always find what he says interesting.

My most recent buy online... Toxic Waste Barrel - Very sour sweets!

Book just downloaded/ read... ‘Eating the Big Fish: How challenger brands can compete against brand leaders’ by Adam Morgan - I’m half way through and loving it.

Favourite tweeter... Hannah Maundrell, Editor-in-chief at – enough said!

Favourite instagrammer... Georgia, my eldest daughter.

Social media allowed me to meet... Friends I’d lost touch with.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to... Amazon Echo updates. - It gets better every week for no extra cost!

Pet hate about life online... When it becomes more important to someone socialising online than the people they’re physically with.

Stand out online memory… Seeing that kid doing Jedi fighting impressions, years before YouTube.

iPhone or Android? - iPhone. I’ve been sucked into their eco-system and I can’t escape.

April 2017