Meet the woman behind the only-natural bath smellies in The Pig hotel bathrooms and in the Molly Mahon washbags.

Chloë Luxton is founder of Bramley, a handmade range of natural bath and beauty products designed to evoke the scents of the countryside – rosehip, lavender, geranium – with no chemicals or artificial colours. The mother-of-three, who formerly worked for Paperchase and Cowshed, aims to make her products as sustainable as possible. Online customers can choose between biopolymer plastic and glass bottles. Bramley products are now stocked in 500 places. The entrepreneur talks to The Good Web Guide about beauty, thrillers and Salt Water sandals.

My favourite website… I’m a big fan of the


website because I find the content really interesting and I love the aesthetic. I also love looking at the

Liberty website

because their product mix is so eclectic and beautiful.

My favourite app… it has to be Instagram

- I find it so inspirational and love connecting with people and being a little bit nosey.

My blog of choice…

- By Esther Walker because she is very funny. She writes about different relatable everyday things and also includes fashion, beauty and children’s stuff.

My internet hero… Ben - Ben does all of the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff on our website such as analytics, customer journeys and design. He literally has changed Bramley for the better and for that reason he is my hero!

My favourite podcasts... The High Low

- When I listen to Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton chatting, I find myself nodding or trying to interject. It’s like having a conversation with friends (it’s just they can’t hear you!).

My most recent buy online… Some silver metallic summer shoes for my four-year-old daughter from Boden

- I’m eyeing up the

rose gold Salt Water sandals

for my summer shoe so that might well be my next online purchase.

Book just downloaded/ read… ‘Thirteen’ by Steve Cavanagh

- I literally read it in one weekend; it’s one of those books that are so good that you can’t put it down. It’s about a serial killer who’s on the jury of the trial for the murders he’s committed. Are you still with me?!

Favourite tweeter… James Blunt

- I think he is very amusing on Twitter and can cut down any negative comments with humour and dignity.

Favourite instagrammer… I love how creative Instagram is and so I enjoy following lots of artists, in particular those that do beautiful things with flowers, such as paper artist


and chef and baker


. I have three small children so I have been drawn to




because they talk about how hard parenting is and are very funny at the same time.

Social media allowed me to meet… Molly Mahon

, the block printer and

Rebecca Wordsworth

, the Somerset-based ceramist, both of whom we have collaborated with. Molly developed an exclusive print design for our Bramley Washbag and Eye Mask and Rebecca creates beautiful pots for us that we fill with candles or toothbrushes. If it hadn’t been for Instagram, I wouldn’t have found them.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… there are two; Sheerluxe

for all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle and recipes and

The Daily News in Brief

(also from the Sheerluxe team). The latter is a brilliant short synopsis of what is going on in the world for those of us who don’t have time to turn the news on in the morning or read a newspaper.

Pet hate about life online… I sometimes find it hard to get inspired and I feel pressure to produce a really good image and caption. That’s when it’s exhausting and overwhelming. I leave it for a day or two to get the creative juices flowing again.

Stand out online memory for me it was… Receiving the first Bramley online order nearly ten years ago. I loved the fact that there was demand for the products that I had created and couldn’t quite believe that it had its very own website.

By Annabel Jack

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