The Managing Director of Bonas MacFarlane, a provider of private tutors and advice on independent school education, shows us around his web.

Charles Bonas has tutored, taught and mentored children and advised their parents for twenty-five years. He is MD of Bonas MacFarlane, a provider of private tutors and advice on all aspects of independent school education. Bonas MacFarlane is sponsoring the Education category in this year’s Good Web Guide Awards. Here, Charles shares his favourite apps and podcasts.

My favourite website... Bonas MacFarlane - We’re the best educational advisory company in the world and I think our website represents that.

My favourite app… I tend to keep my app collection to the essentials. After emails, I use the Dark Sky weather app the most. It’s the perfect place to check in with the forecasts of the three cities I spend the most time in, London, Almaty and Klosters.

My blog of choice… The Innovative Educator - Lisa Nielsen writes well and brings fresh and innovative ideas to the education sector. As well as engaging with new technologies she builds on traditional principals, extolling the virtues of inherent key skills and traits.

My internet hero… Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder - It’s an amazing resource, with honest and (on the whole) reliable information across the board. Most importantly it’s not-for-profit, therefore supports learning for a love of learning.

My favourite podcasts... I take it I can’t say Radio 4? Following that How I Built This, an American podcast by Guy Raz. It explores the stories of innovators and entrepreneurs, the motivation behind their ideas and how they brought their visions to life.

My most recent buy online… In all honesty, I rarely make purchases online, apart from airline tickets. That said I recently downloaded a Chopin manuscript, I’ve been a keen pianist since school.

Book just downloaded/ read… Chopin aside, The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle… I have a two-year-old son.

Thoughts on social media… I’ve never personally used social media. However, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are strongly integrated into our business and prove to be powerful promotional tools for B2C and B2B.

Standout online memory... Using email for the first time in the 90s. It was truly revolutionary.

My pet hate online ... Pay to access newspapers… I understand why, but there is nothing worse than getting halfway through an article and being stopped in your tracks.

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June 2019