More than just another tech-savvy businesswoman, Cecilia is on a mission to champion diversity in tech and to support women who want to be leaders.

Cecilia Harvey, who has over 20 years experience on Wall Street, heads up Tech Women Today and is working on This Tech World. Cecilia is also the founder of the mobile beauty and fitness services app, WalkingRed. Previous roles include being the COO of Citigroup Markets and Securities Services Technology, and positions with Morgan Stanley, Barclays Capital and IBM Consulting.

Cecilia knows how technology can help everyone to lead more productive and fulfilled lives, and wants to showcase how technology can help small and medium sized businesses compete with bigger businesses. She wants to shine the spotlight on Queen Bee syndrome, and how damaging it is, in the workplace.

Cecilia wrote ‘Green Machine: A Career Guide for the Young Professional’

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My favourite website... WalkingRed - Since WalkingRed is my business, the website is a reflection of my style, work, and passion. More of my favourite websites that I find inspirational and informative are Thrive Global, British Vogue and Oprah.

My favourite app... Instagram - I am a very visual person and I love scrolling through the images for new ideas, seeing what friends are doing, and just having a laugh.

My blog of choice... Positively Present - This blog promotes the concepts of self-love, self-awareness and focusing on the positive. It offers great exercises that allow one to reflect how to have positive personal development.

My internet hero… Oprah - Everything that Oprah posts is authentic, positive, and informative. She is my internet role model.

My favourite podcasts… TED Radio Hour, Brian Houston, ReCode DeCode, TechStuff and The Beauty Brains. I am always on the go and the many podcasts I listen to are a great way to stay informed about various technology topics. Brian Houston, in particular, helps me to stay grounded, grateful and faithful.

My most recent buy online… on Amazon - I bought some pet toys and dog food for my miniature dachshund, Norman. I don’t remember life before Amazon Prime.

I just downloaded… Harvard Business Review: Leading Change - I love downloading Harvard Business Review because the articles are gems of knowledge for leaders wanting to take their organisations to the next level. Leading Change focuses on why so many businesses fail when they try remake themselves into better competitors.

Favourite tweeter… Miss Oprah Winfrey - Also my internet hero. Oprah recognises that social media is a powerful tool and she communicates messages that educate, inspire and unite her followers.

Favourite Instagrammer… Edward Enninful, British Vogue Editor-in-Chief - Mr. Enninful’s posts are such an authentic and inspiring view into his world of British Vogue, #NewVogue. I love seeing a Vogue that is diverse, forward thinking, inclusive, modern and intellectual. Also who doesn’t love the posts of his Boston Terrier, Rue Enninful.

Social media allowed me to meet... Inspirational women working across technology and all industries. Social media is a great way to share and hear their inspirational stories. There is nothing more rewarding than to celebrate another woman’s success. One woman’s success should inspire other women.

Pet hate about life online… Cyberbullying or any negative posts. Post positive or post nothing at all.

Stand out online memories… When Wellesley College, my alma mater, started to follow me on Instagram and when I saw my first published article on Thrive Global. Those were truly ‘Pinch me, am I dreaming?’ moments.

February 2018