Seriously. Trust fashion entrepreneur Carmen Haid to up your online style browsing.

After selling her vintage fashion site ATELIER-MAYER three years ago, entrepreneur Carmen Haid set up her eponymous brand consultancy. It’s a natural fit; prior to ATELIER-MAYER, the fashion graduate worked at Yves Saint Laurent for six years, Tom Ford for two years, Celine for four years and Tommy Hilfiger for two years. Today, she uses her experience to advise clients on creative direction, global luxury fashion and lifestyle brand strategy, visual identity and fashion curation. The mother-of-three has won numerous awards for entrepreneurship and sustainable fashion. Here, Carmen shows us around her web.

My favourite website... Amazon - It’s great for practicality. I buy almost everything on there apart from fresh food and clothes. I do not remember the last time I set foot in a brick and mortar book or drug store.

My favourite app... Thanx God Radio Paris - My talented friend Amnaye Nhas created this amazing free app that allows you to listen to incredible non-commercial DJ mixes without any ads or interruptive talking. There are track lists and buying options as well as plenty of new shows every week.

My blog of choice... Sivananda Daily - It is my daily holistic reading to keep everything in perspective and to have a moment of reflection and grounding.

My internet hero is… Natalie Massenet - She enabled us to shop luxury fashion online globally and she re-shaped the British fashion industry. With her vision she continues to inspire. I am a big fan.

My most recent buy online was… from Carbon38 - It is an American site dedicated to all things activewear. It is a great mix of interesting, quality brands.

Book just downloaded/ read… ‘Now we are 40’ by Tiffanie Darke - Tiffanie explores what happened to Generation X, which is my generation, with great wit and insight. It is a must-read for a real Generation Xer. It’s highly recommended.

Favourite tweeter... @calgaryavansino - I love Calgary’s insightful ideas of eating, living and feeling well.

Favourite instagrammer… @hi.society - The feed celebrates social awareness in the age of technology. It’s a co-creation of my son Raphael who believes that good manners and social awareness in the age of technology is fading fast, yet it is more essential than ever. He is on a mission to spread the word in his age group through technology and thinking outside the box.

Social media allowed me to meet... and to connect with people globally instantly - I met fellow vintage aficionado @bashagold online to discover that we own the very same vintage YSL dress and Love poster.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to... Business of Fashion - I love what Imran Amed has created. It is informative, interesting and on point.

Pet hate about life online... It’s hard to switch off. It is additional work and pressure to be present online. Therefore it is essential to have tech free days to give it a rest.

May 2017