Carl Morenikeji, owner and founder of Scaramanga, a vintage-inspired fashion and interiors company, shows us around his web,

Carl Morenikeji is the owner and founder of Scaramanga, a vintage-inspired fashion and interiors company. He pioneered the comeback of the vintage leather satchel in 2006 after finding an old satchel in a dusty bazaar in India in 1998. In 2018 he will be launching bags made from reclaimed army canvas and sourcing vintage furniture from Japan. Here, Carl talks about stashing cash at home and adopting his eight-year-old son Josh's, weekday 30-minute tech-limit.

My favourite website... Houzz. - It’s a community focused around architecture, interior design, renovating and decorating, landscape design and home improvement. They have lots of articles, recommendations, and a forum. The website is great for inspiration and ideas.

My favourite app... WhatsApp - I use it to stay in touch with suppliers and clients, they send me photos, descriptions and prices for vintage furniture that's just arrived and seconds later after a short chat it's bought or sold. I can call them and leave messages. I use it for groups of friends too. Great for planning trips away. It is my favourite app when I am on the go as it’s alot more instantaneous than e-mail. Of course I still use e-mail.

My favourite blog... Mad About The House - Written by Kate Watson-Smyth. She is a down-to-earth, but sought after interiors journalist who loves simple and eclectic styling. She regularly features in the UK's top 10 home/ interiors bloggers and in Vogue.

My internet hero… Tim Berners Lee - The inventor of the world wide web in 1989, the world's first website and browser.

My favourite podcasts are... Is it odd that I've never listened to a podcast?

My most recent buy online… A small antique steel safe. I thought it would look perfect next to our brown leather sofa as a side table at home. Just £100. A steal! The man I bought it from said he used to keep lots of cash and jewellery in it. Do people really still stash cash at home?

Book just downloaded/ read… I am a paperbook-only reader. 'Mimi and Toutou Go Forth: The Bizarre Battle of Lake Tanganyika' - by Giles Fodden. It is a fantastical account of one of Britain's lesser-known WW1 naval battles on Lake Tanganyika in Central Africa.

Favourite tweeter… I absolutely love the humour in the tweets from Very British Problems @SoVeryBritish, the oddball behaviours and cultural quirks that make life awkward for us Brits.

Favourite instagrammer… Christie Tyler aka @nycbambi - I love her simple no nonsense fashion style and views on living in New York.

Social media allowed me to meet… the amazingly talented Jackie Morris - An award winning and internationally acclaimed writer, artist and illustrator. We were in touch through Facebook and Twitter. We finally met a few years ago at the Edinburgh Festival. We're hoping to design and make the perfect artist's bag together.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Money Saving Expert by Martin Lewis, the tireless consumer champion. I've been a subscriber for seventeen years.

Pet hate about life online… It's pretty pervasive. When I go home in the evenings I often continue working when I should be spending more time with my family. I've now adopted my eight-year-old son Josh's, weekday 30-minute 'tech-limit.'

Stand out online memory… 1994. When I first accessed the internet over a 24kbs modem. I was blown away at being able to connect with computers around the world. Of course, compared to now, there were very few websites and not that much content.

January 2018