The founder of Bricks & Stitches, lifestyle blog and online fashion store, shares her online favourites.

When former solicitor Becky Gunning had children, she wanted work to be more flexible and so took on various part-time jobs from home. Eighteen months ago, she started her Bricks & Stitches Instagram page recording inspiring fashion and interior shots. The lifestyle blog came a few months later, followed by the shop last September, selling cleverly curated fashion and gifts at affordable price points. Becky hadn’t expected the hobby to morph into a job, and still organises conferences and manages various properties. ‘I had no idea initially how it was all going to pan out but am beyond thrilled with the little business that seems to be evolving’ she says. Here, she shares her favourite sites.

My favourite website... A Little Find - I discovered it through a friend and love it! It’s a fab curation of cosmetic, wellness and accessory brands that are all perfect for travel. I will be packing my dock and bay towel when we next go away and I love the aromatherapy face oil.

My favourite app… Instagram - It obviously has to rank pretty highly. We love to travel and TripAdvisor is my go-to for checking out accommodation and restaurants. I have family who live abroad so WhatsApp is vital for keeping in touch and great for group chats, not to mention Amazon, MatchesFashion, Zara and Farfetch. The list is endless. How did we cope before apps came along?

My blogs of choice…The Fashion Lift, The Frugality and Pandora Sykes.

My internet hero… I watched the first few seasons of Peaky Blinders on Netflix so can I count Cillian Murphy as my internet hero?

My favourite podcast... Happy Place - Fearne Cotton chats to inspiring individuals about love, life and their ups and downs. She draws on her own experiences and shares advice from experts.

My most recent buy online… Printer ink from Amazon. Totally rock & roll! We live in the countryside and I couldn’t survive without the Amazon app; I buy pretty much everything from there, from lightbulbs to kids’ birthday presents to printer ink. I can’t imagine how I used to live without it.

Book just downloaded/read… I am currently reading the Lonely Planet - Colombia (if that counts!) as well as a Spanish phrase book as we are in the process of planning a six-week trip to South America in the summer.

Favourite tweeter… I don’t use twitter but it’s the only social media that my husband uses, so it goes without saying, I follow him!

Favourite instagrammers… The Fashion Lift, Deborah Brett, Pandora Sykes, Erica Davies and Laura Fantacci.

Social media allowed me to meet… So many amazing people. Not only does it allow me to connect with friends and family, I have created a whole host of new friends through Bricks & Stitches. I have met some truly inspirational business women, to name a couple, Camilla Ridley (Ridley London) who makes the most stunning dresses and Miranda Dunn (Miranda Dunn London) who has many strings to her bow but makes incredible faux fur coats. They are both inspirational and two of the kindest women I have met. #superwomen

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed… Wardrobe Icons

Pet hate about life online… That I spend way too much time online. It is too easy to use it and is too hard to switch it off, particularly at the weekend which is my busiest time for the shop.

Stand out online memory... My first Bricks & Stitches Instagram post. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone. It was totally out of my comfort zone and it all felt terribly narcissistic as I had no idea where I was going with it. Just over a year later, I am very pleased to say that I don’t have those feelings anymore. Every Instagram post now has a purpose. As well as the blog (which I have totally neglected recently) I am so thrilled with the (teeny) online shop I have created. I absolutely love it. Never did I think I would enjoy sales but every time I hear that little ping on my phone my heart leaps. I have such an amazing, loyal, kind group of followers who I owe a huge thank you to because without them none of what I have achieved would be possible.

April 2018


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