Jamie Oliver is a fan along with half a million subscribers on his YouTube Channel, My Virgin Kitchen, Barry shows us around his web.

Foodie star and self-taught cook, Barry Lewis is the founder of the YouTube channel, My Virgin Kitchen, which has over half a million subscribers. Barry had no interest in cooking until he watched a video of Jamie Oliver making a gammon and poached egg dish. Jamie’s video inspired him to make a poached egg on toast, pick up a camcorder, get hold of some video editing software and create his first recipe video. The rest is history; he used YouTube to learn how to cook and share his journey with us. The self-taught cook was invited by Jamie Oliver’s people to get involved in their FoodTube channel and has published a cookbook with HarperCollins publishers. In the words of Jamie Oliver, ‘He's a regular guy - he's not a chef and he's not formally a cook, and he was a virgin in the kitchen ...I love his enthusiasm for food, having a laugh and for family, and I think, at the end of the day, that's what food is about. Viva Virgin Kitchen.’

My favourite website... I really enjoy BuzzFeed food - It's the kind of place I'll stumble upon a random article then spend hours on it finding out all sorts of things.

My favourite app… Google Maps - It's a great app that gets me out of trouble whenever I'm lost walking around London. I probably look a bit silly walking around with my head down looking at my phone.

My blog of choice… I very rarely get chance to chance to read blogs or watch telly. But when I do, I try to watch Casey Niestat.

My internet hero… That's a tricky one! I'd probably have to say, despite being a traditional celebrity over the pond, I've found
Alton Brown's online content (he's kind of like a science type chef chap) really interesting indeed and I love the way he presents.

My most recent buy online... A rotating whisk for my latest kitchen gadget video. Someone sent me link to this and it looked pretty good. We'll see though.

Book just downloaded/ read... This is going to sound pretty bad but the only book I have downloaded was my own digital version of my cookbook! I'm very much old school when it comes to books. I like something tangible, last book I read was a Little Miss Sunshine book with my Daughter Chloe (aged 6) at bed time.

Favourite tweeter… I quite like following breaking news twitter accounts. I've found that to be the best way to keep up with stories as they break and generally for me on the go, I can just scan through at the end of a day and get a good summary of what's going on in the world

Favourite Instagrammer… I love most food accounts on Instagram really, you definitely do eat with your eyes. I like BuzzFeed again or Pop Sugar Food are ones I get a regular daily foodie boost from!

Social media allowed me to meet… New friends from all over the world that have joined my journey. Also celebrities or fellow YouTube talent - traditional celebs like Jamie Oliver or the Hairy Bikers. Or online talent such as my now good friend Stuart Ashen who is huge in the online world.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Some fellow YouTubers, SORTEDfood have a pretty good newsletter. They are a group of guys that run a cooking channel like me and the newsletter always makes me hungry.

Pet hate about life online… Trolls. I have learnt to grow a thick skin with this over the Years sadly as I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea (no pun intended) but there truly have been some really horrible things said about my family before which I just don't understand. I never reply to them though, it doesn't bother me personally - you just learn to ignore it and that is part and parcel of being online.

Stand out online memory… My first video! Poaching the egg that has started this crazy journey which has just snowballed into one big long day to me, I can't believe how nervous I was looking back!

iPhone or Android? iPhone! But I think only because I started with it and now I'm so used to it I can't really come away from using them! I do get the whole Android thing too, I'm just too set in my ways I guess.

March 2018