Digital Creative Director at the mission™ Agency bigdog, Ashika Chauhan chooses some favourite sites, reflecting her passion for engaging content.

Ashika Chauhan is the Digital Creative Director at bigdog – part of the missiontm, headline sponsor of this year's GWG Website of the Year Awards. She is passionate about engaging content, immersive user experiences, beautifully crafted design and creatively harnessing emerging technology. Over the last decade Ashika has worked in the UK and Australia on campaigns for the likes of L’Oréal, Domino’s Pizza, Bridgestone and EA Games, to name a few.

Most recently, Ashika has been appointed to the bigdog management board and is responsible for leading the charge in producing best-in-class digital and integrated creative.

Ashika writes: "Recent advances in technology have meant that we can now make better use of video, sound and interaction on sites than ever before, allowing us to deliver captivating and almost cinematic storytelling. With so much emphasis on mobile-first nowadays, these sites give you a reason to open up that bigger screen on your desktop or laptop and enjoy the full experience.

Brilliantly immersive content has the power to educate, to inspire and to take us to places we’d have never imagined. Here are a few of my favourite sites that do exactly that."

Patagonia: Bears Ears - As President Trump signs an executive order threatening 21 years of national monument designations, Patagonia reaches out to consumers to take action.

The Washington Post: Raising Barriers, A New Age of Walls - Great example of how video and long copy based content can work seamlessly together to communicate a compelling story of our time.

International Rescue Committee: Four Walls, Inside Syrian Lives - Actress and producer, Rashida Jones takes us on VR tour in Lebanon, where we’re confronted with being face-to-face with Syrian refugees.

KPN: Evert_45 blogs from the past - KPN brings us a relevant way to communicate the stories of young people during WWII to young people today. Imagine if Instagram and YouTube were around during WWII – we see the life of 13-year-old Evert through his social posts, an immersive and captivating history lesson for us all.

Google: The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks - Google take us to the hidden depths of national parks, with the help of beautifully shot, immersive content. Featured park rangers add a personal touch to the experience.

86½ years -Hoxton Mini Press shares the story of Joseph Markovitch. A man who had left London only once to go to the seaside with his mother. He loved Nicolas Cage, had five sugars in his tea, would have married a six foot two Hispanic woman but in the end had such bad chest catarrh he never had a girlfriend. A beautiful site that makes great use of original sound design, photography and eye-tracking technology.

July 2017