Annabel Heseltine, journalist and editor of First Eleven magazine, chooses her favourite websites.

Annabel Heseltine is a journalist, columnist and TV and radio broadcaster. Born in London, Annabel is the eldest daughter of the politician, former Deputy Prime Minister and publisher/proprietor of the Haymarket Publishing Group, The Rt Hon, The Lord Heseltine CH PC. Annabel recently took over the mantle as Editor of First Eleven, a magazine aimed at parents of children at independent schools, teachers and pupils and has four children of her own with her plastic surgeon husband, Peter Butler.


Primelocation - I am a property-junkie. Having moved house three times in the last year I am beginning to feel I live in a removal van but ever a glutton for punishment I cannot help watching the market, and which way its going. We’re currently renting in Wales and I am still hoping to find the perfect house. Sound familiar?

Gumtree - I have to declare myself as a mother of quite a number of naughty little boys so I do seem to find myself, Nanny McPhee-style, searching the gumtree for the next nanny rather too frequently. With a bit of patience and some luck it can save thousands, literally, on agency fees.

Ingham and Fallon - I had this fantasy of driving around the Devonshire countryside with a gorgeous black and white stallion with huge fetlocks pulling our bright red gypsy caravan. Unfortunately the fantasy is languishing in an unmarked Lancashire barn and the builder has done a runner – so that’s probably all it will ever be. This website is a source of wagons and gypsy folklore to fulfil the dreams of even the most Walter Mittyish character.

Tusk Trust - In my pre-mum days I spent a part of each year in Africa and wrote about some of the conservation work sponsored by Tusk, founded by Charlie Mayhew twenty years ago to fund wildlife conservancy projects and community work. I met the most amazing characters and the charity now raises around a million pounds a year.

Net-A-Porter - Don’t get much time to shop, and don’t really know where to go anymore but I love this website. The smart black and white packages can find you anywhere even across a wet moor. But the best part is that if I get carried away with a glass of wine beside me late at night, I can send it all back and claim a refund.

Ebay - I have bought and sold endlessly on this website. I bought a fantastic George Smith sofa eight years ago for £264 because nobody had heard of the sofa company then and the Queenie stove for my disappeared wagon. I sold all my baby toys and bought a climbing frame with the proceeds. Beware its highly addictive.

20 April 2011