Angel Adoree, founder of The Vintage Patisserie, chooses her favourite sites.

Angel Adoree is the founder of The Vintage Patisserie, a popular vintage hosting company offering bespoke tea parties from a bygone era. Delivering music, makeovers and – of course - a customised menu of tea party treats that elevate any function into a swanky soiree. It has created unforgettable tea parties for famous clients including Paul Smith CBE, Myleene Klass, and Kim Jones to name but a few!

Angel was the outstanding character on BBC Two’s series ‘Dragons’ Den’. She has grown up with great determination, a skill for creativity and has taught herself strong business acumen - she ticked all the boxes with the dragons and became the face of the series.

Angel’s eye for beautiful things started at a young age, and by the age of thirteen she was buying vintage clothes and gems. A market stall followed and when the stall couldn’t quell the tide of treasure, Angel moved to a big converted school house in Bethnal Green. It was here in 2001 that the launch of ‘The Vintage Experience’ took place, where Angel opened her doors to her devotees and revealed rail upon rail of vintage delights, and offered advice and hand-picked gems that were just right for her clients - as well as providing them with delicious cakes! The Vintage Experience lasted for seven years and when this brand could grow no more, the Vintage Patisserie was born! Angel’s business has grown from strength to strength and this year saw the opening for her new East London event space, Vintage Hair Academy and Vintage Hospitality school.

Angel’s second book, The Vintage Tea Party Year, is published by Mitchell Beazley.


Advanced Style - I’ve never really followed fashion. My gran tells me what’s in Vogue and that’s all the information I need. However, Advanced Style is often my afternoon pleasure. It captures the spirit and style of an advanced generation and, without wishing my life away, I often find myself day dreaming of what colour hair I’ll have! Truly inspiring!

Diary of a Vintage Girl - Every other day I see a new blog with the word Vintage in and I look at them all. I think this movement is fantastic and will always give advance to anyone that asks. But I like to see interesting and different blogs on Vintage and Fleur Du Guerre AKA Diary of a Vintage Girl floats my Vintage Boat! She always know what the latest trend is and was the first Vintage blog I started reading!

Value My Stuff's Blog - I am child of the Antiques Roads Show and still watch and love it to this day! I don’t see it as TV but as a history lesson and I’m like a sponge always trying to learn more about the never-ending world of Antiques. Value My stuff is a fantastic blog for people like me always hungry for more knowledge. Patrick Van Der Vorst is an encyclopedia of Antiques and always has something to say!

The Last Tuesday Society - I have a huge passion for Curiosities and have been in love with the Last Tuesday Society since it started. A couple of years ago when they opened their ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ just downs the road from me I thought all my Christmases have come at once! Not only is it fantastic visual candy (if you like this sort of thing) they also do amazing talks and classes, not to mention interesting events!

The WI and my local WI, Dalston Darlings - Just like the Royal Family, the Women’s Institute is something that has been around my whole life and is rather comforting. Some may still think that the WI is just for their grannies, but over the last few years I’ve seen an incredible and inspiring change in my local WI. It’s now for all ages and all trend groups! I get involved in everything possible that my local WI does and most blogs and websites are a great way to keep you in the loop!

Jango - I listen to this every day! I type in my favorite artists (Etta James, Bill withers, Stevie, Curtis) and my day is filled with all day soul and Jazz!

The Vintage Tea Party Year by Angel Adoree, published by Mitchell Beazley £20

2 October 2012