The co-founder and CEO of, Northern Europe’s largest online marketplace for listing, discovering and booking meeting spaces, shows us around his web.

With online marketplaces becoming the norm for shopping, booking holidays and even renting a parking space, brings that convenience to booking spaces for meetings, workshops or photo shoots. From roof gardens to upcycled ferries and everything in between, aims to ‘make meetings matter.’

Before, Anders Boelskifte Mogensen co-founded a management consultancy that specialised in the business travel and hospitality industry. It was then that the idea for came about. Anders sees the 3,000 meeting spaces on the site as more than just physical spaces. He calls them ‘meeting experiences’, and he encourages hosts to craft unique experiences by offering add-ons, from yoga to artisanal food. Here, he shares his online picks.

My favourite website… Quora - I’m intrigued by how much time real people are willing to invest in sharing their perspective on a wide range of topics.

My favourite app… Google Trips - It aggregates and thereby simplifies my far too travelled life.

My blog of choice… Medium - Simply because it’s the blog we use at, and nearly every company worth reading about, uses to keep their community engaged.

My internet hero… Jimmy Wales from Wikipedia - He’s successfully created a portal for sharing knowledge and information as well as democratised the way knowledge is created.

My favourite podcasts... Masters of Scale with LinkedIn founder, Reid Hoffman - It’s a well-produced and insightful take on the world of startups and how they can successfully master the art of scaling.

My most recent buy online… A drone (for my daughter), which she incidentally landed, successfully mind you, in a lake.

Book just downloaded/ read... Well, I’ve started reading 'Half of a Yellow Sun' by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I hope to finish it sometime this decade.

Favourite tweeter… Honestly, I’m not very active on Twitter.

Favourite instagrammer… Once again, I’m not an avid user and really only follow one person, namely my father, who loves to use Instagram to share his newfound hobby of taking nature photos.

Social media allowed me to meet… The former Vice President of Nigeria, which came directly via a friend’s tweet and a Nigerian wedding (it’s a long story).

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to… Skift, which does an excellent job of using newsletters to keep me up-to-speed on the latest developments within the travel industry.

Pet hate about life online… It’s too addictive, which conflicts with my interest of being “present” with my kids.

Stand out online memory… Using Skype for the first time in August 2003, just a few days after it was launched. I ended up meeting one of my current business partners.

June 2018