Championing the increasingly popular customer ethos ‘buy fewer, buy better’, If Only If is a nightwear label with a romantic spin.

If Only If's rebrand coincided with the start of the UK lockdown when Emily Campbell, daughter of founder Isabel Falkner took over and they rode a wave of renewed interest in nightwear and loungewear. Its followers on Instagram quickly went from 80 to 8,000. During lockdown, at home all day, a lot of people felt the need for change at the end of the day with a bedtime ritual. The brand’s customers relished that time when they could have a bath and change into a nightdress to shift the mood and give division to the day.

The brand specialises in simple, loose-fitting nightdresses in cotton voile, accented with frilled necklines and cuffs, scalloped edging and lace trims.

A small family business started in 2010 when Emily’s mother was unable to find what she wanted in a nightdress, she decided to design her own, taking inspiration from the heroines of period drama, art and the romantic eras. The brand’s name IF are the founder’s initials. Something timeless, consciously made and for every generation of women is what Isabel wanted, in soft and natural materials that could be worn in the evening and transitioned to day.

Designed in Britain and ethically sourced and made in Delhi, India the company only use 100% natural, breathable materials, not only to ensure a comfortable nights sleep but also because of its sustainable, biodegradable nature.

They work incredibly closely with a small team. The factory has in-house pattern masters, tailors, cutting teams, stitching team and packers and is SEDEX certified which means that they protect the people working in their supply chain and maintain high social and environmental working conditions. These include; being paid above the living wage, insurance and pensions given to all, an 8 hour working day and 22 days holiday a year. Never mass producing the designs, the company prefers a slow approach to the process where each nightie is part of a small batch.

Isabel designed the nighties in the brand’s core collection: the Arabella, the Anna and the Julia. Then Campbell, a former teacher, introduced 3 new styles, including the Clover, directly inspired by an Artemisia Gentileschi painting - the drapery, the sheerness of the fabric and the romance of covering up.

The Pandora is the bestseller (also available in UK 6-24) with a scallop edging and acres of cotton voile it is incredibly flattering on every body-shape. They have sold it to Gen Z customers, breastfeeding mothers and women in their 90’s.

By Anna Bance
March 2022

Anna Bance

Anna is the co-founder of Girls Meets Dress and a contributing editor to the GWG. She expertly guides us round the most covetable online fashion.