How many times do we hear that a beauty revolution is landing in the UK?

We are delighted that Anna Bance of is sharing her web know-how with The GWG, shedding light on the latest launches, the hottest feeds on Instagram or trends on the high street.

This week, Anna casts her eye on a new beauty brand hitting the UK...

Being somebody who is far from beauty product crazy, and certainly able to resist celebrity endorsements and new launch hype, even I failed to ignore the praise from industry and beauty editors.

Something about this low maintenance, stripped back ‘skin first, make-up second’, brand appealed to me.

Glossier is different. No miracle promises to make you look 20 years younger or double your lips in size. Instead of pointing out the flaws we should be rushing to cover up, they celebrate realistic, practical beauty with fun aesthetic and a conscience. Most of the products claim ‘hypoallergenic, paraben free, sulfate free, cruelty free and vegan’.

Regular appearances of the brand’s instagrammable packaging on my social media feeds, and their business news on my LinkedIn – caught my interest. Year-on-year, revenues are up 600 per cent; over the past 12 months the brand has tripled its active customer count, and its only physical space — a Manhattan HQ showroom - boasts more sales per square foot than the average Apple Store.

As a New York based start-up, Glossier launched a small edit of skincare products back in 2014 as an extension of founder Emily Weiss’ insider-favourite beauty website ‘Into The Gloss’.

After an initial launch in the States, Glossier now finally ships its 23 products to the UK via – and as predicted, has become one of the big beauty launches of 2017.

Here are my favourite 3 products but with so many more to try – and a Glossier fragrance just launched, I suspect my postman is going to become very familiar with the name!


Resembling an artist’s tube of oil paint, this cream blush comes in four sheer shades. These cute cheek stains can by smeared casually for a healthy, buildable day or night glow in the prettiest of colours.


Go for coloured or clear – The gel and brush combination will fatten up any brow leaving them groomed and as the name suggests ‘boyfriend like’!


Fragrance-free, gentle and comforting, this make-up remover and face wash can be used morning or night and achieves the one dream quality: not leaving skin feeling tight.

October 2017