Chains are making a come back; lost reading or sunglasses will become a thing of the past.

One of the reasons I am reluctant to spend over a certain amount on sunglasses, is because whether I am rushing around town daily, or taking them on holiday, they always get dropped, lost or broken. Shades have a tough life... they are taken off and on our heads, pulled in and out of handbags, left on sun loungers, skied with and dropped at airports. I have faith that my newest purchase will put an end to this.

The glasses chain has skipped a generation or two, and is now back.

Many designer brands are currently selling chains, on Net A Porter, Matches and Farfetch: Chloe, Lucy Folk, Hiitu, Rosantica, Camila Klein. This accessory making a mainstream resurgence has been steadily spotted on the catwalk over the past few decades. Chanel’s 90s version, which comes with a chain pre-attached to their frames, have been worn by everyone from Rihanna to Lady Gaga, and are kept in the Met’s Costume Institute archive.

Frame Chain is a contemporary take on a standard issue glasses chain, launching their first collection at Liberty of London in 2013 and now stocked in over 100 stores across the globe.

To be worn with any glasses - reading or sun, the collection is based on chains that you would want to wear, first and foremost, as a necklace. You can also clip off the silicon ends and wear as a chain - and each chain comes with two sets of loops so you can match your frames. The two founders Annie and Vanessa want people to actually wear the chains, so quality at the right price is very important to them. As well as gold and silver, they have finishes in rhodium and enamel, and limited edition vintage Swarovski´s. My favourite is the Pearly Queen in fresh water pearls.

The designs range from the chic and understated ‘Rollerchain’ through to the chunky ‘Eyefash’.

Find your favourite here.

The thing is, glasses chains are actually really practical.

Well dressed Victorian ladies would often wear a long chain draped across their chest attached to their glasses to avoid having them on their face. These chains were often ornate and seen more as a statement of wealth and height of fashion. It was then the invention of the printing press which made glasses a necessity. In the post war 1950s, the glasses chain made another appearance on the pussy bow blouse chests of the groomed working woman. This was the generation that kept the trend alive. Frame Chain take inspiration from Princess Diana and Lisa Marie Presley to the golden age of glamour. An appealing vision for fashionable functionality.

The glasses chain is a much-forgotten accessory with many connotations, which are now outweighed by practicality. Bella Hadid has been spotted wearing them recently, and Le Specs have just created a collaboration with Jordan Askill starring a chunky 90s style.

So if you own a favourite much loved pair of shades, try attaching them to your body.

September 2018