Research Now

Find out how to effectively market your products using this leading online market research company.

Find out how to market your product by using Research Now, an online market research company. With access to 6 million people in 38 different countries, Research Now has the largest online panel of day-to-day consumers, business professionals and hard-to-reach audiences available to researchers today.


As each project is different Research Now takes a consultative approach, ensuring that the right market research services and solutions are applied for your product or business.


Research Now offers a range of services, from programming and hosting to omnibus surveying. Its high quality panel filter allows it to find the right target respondents and the company has carefully selected specialist panels meaning that Research Now is able to reach traditionally difficult groups, such as expectant mothers, business leaders and video gamers. They are also experts in B2B market research, a notoriously complex area of market research.

February 2012