Experts in relationship strategy since 1987, with solutions to help you understand your customers better.

ICLP have been experts in relationship strategy since 1987. Customer loyalty is an essential part of any business; ICLP will help you to understand your customers in depth, and create more profitable customer relationships.


Whether you want to deliver greater value to your consumers, improve revenue or acquire more customers, ICLP is on hand to provide new loyalty ideas and innovative marketing initiatives. With multi-sector expertise at its disposal, it can deliver brand promise in any industry, from travel and luxury services to hospitality, retail and technology.

New technologies are always changing the way that customers relate to brands, which can make customer management a bit of a headache. ICLP will look at your data across all channels and touch-points, to find the right loyalty


To get a good idea of how ICLP operates, take a look at some of the case studies of their work with various clients (Harrods and Manchester United, for instance).

February 2012