Law Donut

Offering free legal resources to local businesses and SMEs.

Law Donut helps small businesses with all things legal, saving SMEs both time and money with their efficient service.


With Google as a founding partner you can’t really go wrong. The Law Donut site is divided up into colour-coded categories that all lead to a range of specifying tabs, making it oh so easy to find the exact legal help your business needs.


Just register as a user on the Donut sites – it’s free and quick, and it allows you access to some extremely insightful Q&As with various legal experts to give you the aid and advice you’re after. Law Donut’s one aim is to make sure your business makes use of its full potential to reach the success it deserves – which is why the people at Law Donut have gathered expert advice from all over the place to cover all bases. Brilliant!


It doesn’t stop at Law Donut – if you need more advice on related subjects, try any of LD’s sister sites; Marketing Donut, Start Up Donut, IT Donut and Tax Donut.


As the cherry on top of the, er, donut (sorry we had to), Law Donut also offers an extensive network on both Twitter and Facebook – all to keep you linked in and up to date with all things new businesses. What can we say – we’re just so grateful for this bright apparition in the law jungle. A Godsend indeed.

January 2013