Online video is the fastest growing advertising medium; a fact that tech startup Vidsy is keen to cash in on.

Vidsy is the crowdsourced video creation startup linking brands to creators to produce mobile video ads. This London-based firm has just raised £1.3m and is a recent graduate of Founders Factory, the corporate backed incubator and accelerator founded by Henry Lane Fox and Brent Hoberman. Funds raised for Vidsy will be used to accelerate product development and expand its community of vetted video creators – of which there are currently 1,700 in the UK. There is talk of expansion to the US.

Their timing couldn’t be better. Increasingly, we watch short video clips, TV programmes and films on mobile handsets, only to share them on social media. Recent online YouGov data shows that in the last six months, 54% of British smartphone users watched video clips on their phone. According to the Internet Advertising Bureau UK and Pricewaterhouse Coopers Digital Adspend report, UK companies are spending 17.3% more on internet ads year-on-year. The fastest-growing format is mobile video ads and this has doubled in size to £693m.

‘Vidsy is set to disrupt the traditional advertising agencies and video production models that are struggling to stay relevant in a world of mobile, social and video. Our goal is to build a new model in which technology is used to automate the admin and operations, allowing our network of talented creators to focus on producing engaging and authentic mobile video ads,’ says Gerard Keeley, Vidsy’s co-founder and CEO. ‘On one hand Vidsy streamlines the entire video workflow, saving brands time and money and producing mobile video ads that are performing better than the traditional ads. On the other hand we are empowering a new generation of talented creators, who are getting paid to do what they love.’

April 2017