Alan Thorpe of Bray Leino Yucca sheds light on how to have a cracking website, where customers are engaged right from the get go.

Alan Thorpe, Managing Director at leading customer engagement Agency Bray Leino Yucca, part of the missiontm, talks about how customers navigate websites and return for more.

Nicholas Carr studied how the Internet has changed our brains in his brilliant book ‘The Shallows’. He found:

- It’s made us much more impatient
- We’re easily distracted from what we set out to achieve.

Result? Any dodgy websites that don’t meet our expectations are likely to get ignored. Reasons might be the simple stuff – not displaying correctly on our choice of device. They may be editorial stuff – too much text for tiny screens. Or others may just deliver a better overall experience.


Ask yourself these questions:

- HMV or instant download; Spotify?
- Amazon prime or late birthday present?
- Bank branch or mobile banking?
- Travel agency or online portal?
- Use App to order coffee or stand in line?
- Shout at Alexa or type questions into Google?

Whilst few of us can afford Amazon’s website spend, there are some simple rules that we can all apply to knock up engagement with sites. Winners can look forward to contributing to National Accident Statistics that found 40% of us Brits have walked into something whilst staring at a screen!

2017 research from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) recommends:

The experience we get from social sites has spilled over into the mainstream. This is excellent news for us all. Just imagine for one moment that you’re a gardening expert. By allowing interaction and conversation you can use your expertise to solve most gardeners’ biggest ‘how to’ and ‘what should I’ questions. Data capture for eCRM? Yep. Build up trusted relationship that can convert into sales and recommendation? Oh yes.

Of course, lousy content will still be as welcome as a tax return. The Discovery Network team knows a thing or two about successful content. These are the content ‘tests’ that they apply:

Susanna’s bang on the money. Content requires investment to be FUBI. Not so much money as time and thought. As Mark Twain (and others apparently) said ‘I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.’ In all honesty, would you enjoy a non-FUBI website? Or default to one that is FUBI?

As a marketing strategist, my favourite site is run by Prof Scott Galloway. Watch a couple of his ‘Winners and Losers’ videos. Interactive & FUBItastic!

As an agency boss, I love our recent work for Ocean Estate Agents. In just three months flat the site doubled valuation requests. Bristol looks fantastic (as it indeed is).

It’s a great time to be in digital. Apply the rules correctly and it’s win time for website owners. Why? Because not everyone will.

Thanks for reading. My team and I are always happy to help.
Alan Thorpe

September 2017