So how important is delivering a fantastic online experience? And what does this look like?

themission is a technology-embraced marketing communications and advertising Group employing 1,100 people in the UK, Asia and US. The Group comprises two divisions: Integrated Agencies and Sector Specialist Agencies, which work together to provide Clients with the expertise and resource to make them more successful in today’s challenging environment.

Bray Leino CX keeps brands relevant. How? By orchestrating organisations around the likes, needs and expectations of their target audiences. Its team of strategists, creatives, digital experts, social marketers and technologists partner with clients to deliver measurable ROI from innovative, highly personalised, experiences. Access to the full capabilities of themission allows the team to execute across diverse technologies and at scale. Alan Thorpe, Managing Director of Bray Leino CX, tells us how to deliver digital experiences that we are all after.

2017 saw UK online sales of non-food items rocket to 24.1% market share. The scary bit? It took just five years to grow from 11.6% online to today’s High Street-decimating levels.

So how can you grab a slice of this online cake? And how can you prevent the digital tide sweeping you to a desperate party where House of Fraser execs are your only drinking companions?

‘If you want a revolution, baby, there is nothing like your own’ (World Party)

Here’s five things that you can do. We’ve seen them drive success for our clients.

1. Get with the gig

Yes, it’s happening. Fast. Proof? It’s not just retail. Online estate agency has tripled in three years. So, waiting is not a strategy. The funny thing is that, as humans, we love the web because it makes our life easier. But it’s this same desire for ‘easy’ that prevents organisations from changing, leading them to under-invest digital until it’s too late. So, divert funding to digital now before you get disrupted.

2. Keep it simple

The web is a world of distraction. So great websites prioritise functionality over detailed content. They get us to where we want to be. Fast. Inspiration? Fast fashion – the likes of

3. Personalisation matters

We all search for stuff in different-ways depending on our age, interests, gender, levels of knowledge, income, geography etc. By mapping these things out, you can ensure that your content captures the attention of your most valuable prospects. The likes of ASOS are utterly focused upon known persona groups.

Read more about how to make this happen for your organisation.

4. Remove unnecessary questions / decisions
It might seem strangely counter intuitive that Burberry, a luxury brand, offers free delivery on a £1500 Trench Coat. Why? Delivery charges represent a barrier, a step, a question that can get in the way of sale. Remove them. They are not expected now. Bung the cost on the price.

Review your entire digital experience, end to end, to ensure it’s super-efficient.

5. Optimise your Amazon

Some of our clients win upwards of 25% of their trade through Amazon. Why? For many, particularly those with Amazon Prime, Google isn’t the default search engine. Using Amazon removes a few extra thought processes and clicks.

How to make Amazon work for you

Step 1:
Get a product listed for Amazon Prime via Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

Step 2:
Optimise the appearance of your Amazon product listing, via an A+ page (better images, video, descriptions etc.) – see here for more info.

Step 3:
Generate reviews for your product, if required using Amazon Vine (Amazon’s network of reviewers; you send them a free product, they’ll review it).

Step 4:
Once you’ve got an A+ page in place with 15 reviews resulting in an average review of 3 stars or above, you can utilise Amazon Advertising to increase visibility, firstly via self-serve ads on Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), which come in two formats:
Product Search: keyword based targeted ads
Product Display: category targeted ads.

Step 5:
Once you’ve run self-serve ads for a minimum of three months, you can then be considered by Amazon to run Premium ads which enable you to advertise across Amazon’s wider ecosystem (e.g Amazon Fire, Prime VOD, Amazon partner sites, across multiple devices – smart TVs etc.).

This is run by Amazon for brands – i.e. you don’t get to plan the campaign / see the data.

A final mind-focuser

LSE analysis shows that UK wages are, in real terms, falling. Competition for every £ is getting ever hotter. In a world of choice, brilliant digital customer experience really can make a significant difference to your organisation’s future.


June 2018