Offline marketing techniques are as important as online initiatives, enabling you to boost your online brand as well.

There's no question that building your online brand is a top priority when marketing your business, as it has the highest reach, ability to track marketing performance thoroughly, and it has incredible ability to get your business in front of people and drive them to your site. Your online brand begins with having a great website, but also requires building a relatable brand image over social media, and investing in online advertising. The goal is to be seen and to resonate. There are, however, some offline marketing techniques that you can also implement that will help boost your online brand as well.


Perhaps more commonly known as networking, you can't underestimate the effect that face-to-face communication can have for your business or for a promotional campaign. This person to person interaction can help intrigue people in your desired demographic to go to your website or follow you on Twitter, simply because they want to learn more about your brand and what your business does. Although perhaps this feels like a smaller audience than the massive online community, there is a personal aspect to speaking with someone face-to-face that can play a powerful role in establishing a brand relationship and a deeper sense of trust and loyalty.


Another option is to print distributable material promoting your brand, like postcards, which can also include a QR code and a defined URL that you have set up with pixel tracking. You can then gain some data on who is coming to your site through this medium. This is also a more affordable print advertisement medium, which is easy to design, order and ship by yourself with no need for middle-men. Another benefit of postcards is that they are something that can be physically put in people's hands and are therefore less likely to be forgotten seconds later after being seen.

Make the postcards easy to fit in a wallet or handbag to increase the likelihood of them being kept, or offer an incentive like a coupon or some kind of discount on it. This can also be a helpful tracking method as you can monitor your postcard campaign performance by tracking the number of coupons redeemed.


Print is far from dead, and in fact, with the incredible amount of digital advertising that we are bombarded with throughout the day, sometimes a simple print item can feel less intrusive and can catch people's attention. Although it is more expensive than online marketing, sometimes the right ad placement in a magazine catering to your target demographic or a strategically placed poster in a high-traffic area can go a long way. This requires some research on your part to choose the right publications and locations, as well as to implement some best practices for print ad creation to ensure success.

A nice benefit from something like posters or billboards is that it can coincide with locational marketing, which can reach your "home-court" demographic, if you will, and present a more personable brand image. Of course being able to monitor your return on investment is slightly difficult with print advertisements, as you can't see who saw and responded to a magazine ad or poster. When they are really well designed and impactful, however, you can expect some kind of brand boost, even if you can't completely track this traffic.


At the end of the day, when you engage in both online and offline marketing, you have your bases covered. You are able to take advantage of benefits from both your offline and online initiatives, allowing you to have a more well-rounded marketing strategy. This can increase your brand presence, reception, and overall create a stronger brand than if your marketing efforts focused on only one of these marketing avenues.

April 2017