Search Office Space asks seven entrepreneurs to share their top business podcasts - useful listening for the commute

Soundtrack an otherwise dull commute with top tips and pearls of wisdom, as chosen by seven avid podcast-listening business leaders.

BEYOND THE TO DO LIST - download it
Tamara Olson, Founder at Studio Simpatico

Like most small business owners, I find there to be a bajillion tasks, ideas, and projects bouncing around my head at any given time. With so much to do and so little time, I'm always appreciative of little "life hacks" and productivity techniques to improve processes and better optimize my day. When I'm out for early morning walks with my dog as we gear up to start our day, I've been enjoying Erik Fisher's "Beyond the To Do List." Erik asks great questions, the podcast has a nice flow to it, and listening to others' tips and tricks on balance and optimization allows me to begin my day by reflecting on my own habits and feeling inspired by new tips.

MONEY TO THE MASSES - download it
Jon Ostler, CEO at

For a light hearted look at investing I would take a look at Money to the Masses podcast. The founder, Damien left the city to help 'the masses' improve their financial knowledge. Very accessible and it's worth tuning into the weekly podcast for some investment inspiration! The podcast covers a wide range of finance topics from savings to insurance. Personally I've found the investment, tax and pension discussions some of the most interesting."

SOULFUL PR - download it
Sidel Stewart, Possibility Ambassador at Onit! Communications

I'd recommend Janet Murray's 'Soulful PR' podcast; an amazingly informative and invaluable podcast that I listen to almost every week. There are ALWAYS golden nuggets of information on how to navigate the world of PR from a DIY perspective. I love it particularly because the topics covered also incorporate digital marketing and social media marketing for small businesses. Her guests are usually well informed and Janet is extremely relatable. I don't commute as much as I used to, but I do listen whilst en route to local coffee shops and co-working spaces as I work 100% virtually.

EPICENTER -download it
Gillian Morris, CEO at Hitlist

I don't believe all the hype around blockchain technology, but I accept it will be an important part of the next wave of startups. Epicenter is a dense but entertaining podcast that has featured many of the leading names in blockchain. It's exciting to keep up on the latest developments and understand the thinking behind the stories that hit the headlines.

THE STARTUP CHAT - download it
Nikolay Piriankov, CEO and co-founder at Taylor & Hart

The podcast I turn to most when commuting is ‘The Startup Chat’ with Steli and Hiten. Only 20 minutes long, these two entrepreneurs out of San Francisco have been involved in some of the most successful tech startups in Silicon Valley. With diverse background and experiences, they compliment each other well and each podcast has a specific topic, so it's possible for me to easily choose which ones I find interesting from over 100 podcasts. They release two new ones each week, making this podcast one I can keep coming back to.

HOW I BUILT THIS - download it
Charlotte Moore, Food PR Specialist at Smoothie PR

My perfect podcast for commuting is ‘How I Built This’ with Guy Raz. Each episodes lasts 30-60 minutes, shares the truthful highs and lows of building a business and features a range of entrepreneurs from lots of different backgrounds. There’s also a spot at the end of each episode that showcases startups who are in the early stages of following their dreams. I find the whole podcast really interesting and inspiring as a small business owner myself.

READ TO LEAD - download it
Jez John, Managing Director at Webstars

Jeff Brown introduces a range of fascinating guests to talk about their non-fiction books - Jeff was a radio host and you can tell from the quality of this podcast. I’ve picked up some really useful business concepts, some of which I use daily; I’ve also added a good few books to my collection. Some podcasts have me leaping for the volume control as they go from too quiet to earth shatteringly loud, but his podcast is an example of how to do things right, and makes for a great listening experience.

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September 2017