We catch up with Emma Howarth, co-founder of ME & EM, the chic online boutique offering elegant and versatile clothes for everyday.

ME & EM is a chic online boutique offering an elegant collection of versatile and incredibly wearable clothes for everyday, taking you from home to office to evening out. We catch up with co-founder, Emma Howarth as the company celebrates its fifth birthday.

The best moment of last year was... the two weeks after the Royal Wedding, the sun came out and our likes for likes were up over 100%.

And the worst moment was... being caught between an earthquake in Washington DC, a hurricane tracking up from Florida with no internet service and trying to finalise AW11 orders with Clare.

I couldn’t live without... Ocado and a ME&EM Cashmere Hoody.

My average day involves... in a nutshell, kids / work / kids / work / sleep.

Websites that have been useful to the business include... walpole.co.uk. Being one of six other brands to win Walpole's luxury Brand of tomorrow in 2009 was a huge boost. As for blogs, there isn't one blog or website that stick out, alas you need to read them all!

My advice to a budding entrepreneur is... product is everything but only if you can manage cashflow and margin with equal vigour.

If money were no object, I would you buy... for ME&EM, our own photography studio on site. Personally a garden in London big enough for kids to play and get lost in.

My most overused phrase is... 'I've been thinking......'

You might not otherwise know that... before I set up ME&EM Ltd, I’d only ever worked in advertising.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is... "You’ll never make up yesterday’s sales." - Stuart Rose.

Pet hates are... cats and cheese.

I admire... my husband who is cheerful and optimistic 24/7.

My best and worst business traits are... Best: I’ve always got a plan B. Worst: I hate public speaking , and have a v low tolerance of people who can’t work computers.

June 2012