The Benefits of Sending A Regular Company Newsletter

We find out how newsletters shape up to other options of online marketing.

It’s practically a given in the business world, it’s easier and more cost-effective to market to an existing consumer, rather than try to ensnare completely new customers. Someone has already trusted you enough to buy from you at least once, now the hard part comes when you have to turn them into a steady customer. This is why newsletters are important.

Email newsletters are used across the board, from independent record shops to multi-billion dollar corporations. Whatever the business, it’s generally understood that newsletters are a fantastic marketing method to keep customers interested and coming back for more.

But why exactly are newsletters such a great choice compared to the other options of online marketing? Let’s find out.

UP TO DATE INFORMATIONUp to date information

The minute you start offering a deal or introducing a new product or service, you have the option to send out a newsletter to announce it. The more you emphasise that those who receive the newsletter will be the first to hear about something, the more that the recipients will feel like they are getting special treatment. You could even make some coupons available only to newsletter customers to amplify the fact that these emails are worth clicking and reading.


Your company may be one of many that a customer has shopped at in the past year, so you’re going to have to fight for one of the most precious things a consumer has: time. Once you’ve obtained someone’s email address – either from a previous purchase or a popup on your site – if you forget to send regular emails, or even send unworthy newsletters without good content, customers are likely to forget you. It can be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, but having a regular and interesting newsletter appear in an inbox is key to your company sticking in the customer’s mind.


Not only does an email newsletter keep brand awareness and new deals and products in the spotlight, but it also generates traffic for your website. Once someone views your newsletter, it’s hoped that they’ll click on the relevant links to your site and spend time browsing. And with any luck, purchasing.


Marketing isn’t cheap, that’s for sure. But newsletter marketing? Easily one of the most inexpensive forms of online marketing. Going it on your own is of course achievable, but there are good services you can use to create a newsletter that are easily set-up and will assist you in your email endeavours. These usually have pre-designed templates that are more striking than simply text in an email, and can also provide feedback on how successful the newsletters are in generating traffic to your website. Stats on how many people actually read your email and at what time of the day can also be obtained.


An email newsletter can be used to provide useful information. Other than promoting yourself, you could give tips and tricks on your particular field. Perhaps you have an online florist business. In addition to info on new plants and flowers (definitely important around Valentine’s Day and Christmas), you could also give hints on what type of flowers and plants are suitable for specific climates, how often they should be watered, or even flora that is helpful for cleaning the air.


Sure, it’s not necessary for every business, but providing a backstory as well as information on your company can help your email marketing cause. Make people care about who you are and what you do, and perhaps they will feel more invested in your products or services. Are you a single mother who started a business from scratch? Does a portion of your revenue go towards a charity? Let people know about it via an email newsletter.

19 December 2016