BlueGlass founder, Kevin Gibbons tells us how to improve SEO performance.

SEO is changing and so must brands. BlueGlass founder, Kevin Gibbons, offers his top five actionable tips for improving SEO performance.

1. Be the best answer

Being the best answer to a query creates a virtuous circle because it leads to higher engagement rate on a page which, in turn, gives your pages a higher ranking with Google. This will push the relevant page higher up search results, leading in an uplift in click through rates which, again, is the best way to secure and keep a page at the top of a search engine’s listings.

2. Build reputation through content marketing

Content marketing is a great way for a company, and its people, to get their insight across to a wider market on third party sites. Given that customers and prospects are likely to read, and be influenced by, authoritative sites in an industry’s sector, it pays to spread your wings and be seen outside the confines of a home page. Remember to link back to the main corporate site, of course, because quality back links are the staple of good SEO.

3. Think inside the box with snippets

While content marketing will invariably involve longer form articles, it is worth tapping in to “snippets”. Google is increasingly experimenting with simple, short answers and mini listicles which appear in a box, very occasionally without even the need for any other links.

So, if there are common questions in your industry you want to be the authority on, build the answers in to your website so they stand a chance of appearing in a Google box all of their own.

4. Voice search booms as 56m smart speakers ship in 2018

According to Comscore, half of all searches will be by voice by 2020. That means it is becoming more important than ever to set up a site so it answers spoken queries and Google can see it is an authority. Results will either be seen on a mobile screen or, increasingly, read out by a virtual assistant on a smart speaker.

With more than 56m smart speakers expected to shift this year alone, according to canalys, it is become increasingly important to set up an Alexa Skill or Google Action for what you do. This allows the public to conduct branded voice searches, such as “Alexa, find me a beach holiday with Expedia” or “Google, find me a nutritious recipe from Vitality”.

5. Apps have the edge on browsers, but need optimising too

Apps are a common tactic to provide a short cut to a brand and earn some valuable real estate on a customer’s mobile phone screen. However, just as with any other content, your app needs to be optimised for download.

Compelling copy is a must, as are the positive reviews that will get the app downloaded more frequently and propel it up the rankings. Make sure you have engaging visuals of what the apps looks like in operation and a strong logo helps too.

Beyond the app store, it is obviously a good idea to offer a direct download of an app on your own website.

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June 2018