Qured is a new app that delivers a doctor to your door within two hours for those living in London, in and around Zone 1 - 2 and SW postcodes.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way and where there’s a market, there’s an app. Ever wanted healthcare at home? And quickly? Qured offers an affordable solution at those times of pressure, when you or your children need to be seen immediately by a doctor, but you can't face the hours waiting in A and E, or traipsing to the GP surgery (if you can even get an appointment!). What's more, the service is also 24/7, so offers a much-needed option during the night. Here, we chat to Charlie Harington, co-founder and CEO about why he set up the app and lessons he learnt along the way.

We came up with the idea when… As new fathers, we found that accessing healthcare for our families was either time-consuming and frustrating or prohibitively expensive. Every great idea starts with a pressing problem.

My struggle to get timely treatment for my young son, who had three separate minor conditions, will be familiar to many. My local GP surgery’s answer phone informed me there were no appointments that day and, when I finally managed to speak to a real person, I couldn’t get him seen for nearly two weeks. I then considered an online consultation, but didn’t feel comfortable about putting my young son in front of a screen, while going to see a private GP was both inconvenient and expensive. With only one condition seen per nine-minute appointment, it took, what felt like, forever to have all my son’s needs seen to.

The average day is spent… talking to the team about the goals for the day and weeks ahead, addressing key issues that need our attention and work. As we are currently in the middle of a seed funding round, our day-to-day activity in terms of strategy, sales, operations and management is balanced with external investor meetings. We try to switch off in the evening but that’s not always easy when you’re running a 24/7 business.

The team consists of... ourselves as the co-founders, an Operations Manager who is also a qualified doctor and a Marketing Manager. In addition, we have a Chief Medical Offer who has over twenty years experience in the medical field. We are currently hiring for multiple positions across tech, marketing and business development.

My favourite quote is… ‘Opportunities don't happen. You create them.’ - Chris Grosser.

I am where I am today because of… hard work, passion through thick and thin and a great support network.

I am who I am because of... my family; my wonderful wife and son!

The best advice I've been given is... Progress takes place outside your comfort zone.

In five years I’d like to be… running a successful on-demand health tech platform that revolutionises healthcare and stretches boundaries.

The thing no one ever tells you about running your own business online... building a tech platform requires patience.

Our biggest mistake and what it taught us… was wanting to run before we can walk. A solid foundation is fundamental to progress and longevity.

What apps do you use to be more productive? Slack for communicating as a team. Genius Scan is also a game-changer for us on the go!

The most rewarding experience we’ve had to date… is the consistently wonderful feedback from both patients and doctors. The feedback has been way beyond our expectations in terms of positivity.

The websites I most frequently use are... Trello everyday for work, Digital Health News, BBC News and kiteworldmag.com as my free time is mostly spent on the water kite-surfing.

The podcasts I like to listen to... I love the StartUp Podcast and How I Built This for key info and inspiration. Desert Island Disks is my guilty pleasure.

February 2018