OHMME is a men’s sportswear disruptor brand that is seeking to change the attitudes of current societal stereotypes of masculinity.

OHMME creates ethical fashion and sportswear to encourage guys to move more freely through practices like yoga and be comfortable in their own skin. The company has recently launched #StillnessInMotion workshops, in collaboration with CALM,, which provide a safe space for guys to explore movement with yoga, stillness with meditation and expression through group work.

Louis d’Origny is the founder and CEO of OHMME. With degrees in mathematics and economics Louis wanted to create a company that was functional, eco-friendly and innovative.

I came up with the idea when... as a yoga practitioner, i realised that yoga practice was not inclusive of men. I almost never saw a man in class and I could also never find kit that i wanted to wear for my class! So, I decided that I would create a brand that made it ‘normal’ for guys to go to a yoga class, My overall goal is to create a clothing brand that brings the comfort of yoga wear to the everyday lives of men, (forget about wearing super rigid jeans)!

The biggest challenge is ... trying to find fabrics that fit my brief. I want to create a line of stylish yet comfortable clothing that is both technical and environmentally friendly. The fabrics we use are Bluesign® which means that they are produced in an eco-friendly way, but they still have to be sweat wicking and breathable. We have also just launched a new range, using Green Defence - which means that cinnamon and almond extracts are woven into the fabric at the production stage to create an anti-microbial property to the fabrics, which means they smell fresh even after super heavy workouts. Green Defence is better for the environment and your skin, than the use of toxic heavy metals which are usually used to for this purpose.

The average day is spent... going to early morning yoga, and thinking about cool but functional designs for my next collection. Then I go into the office to research fabrics, and the suppliers to find the most eco-friendly production process.

The OHMME team consists of... ten fun, relaxed and creative members, who love to brainstorm! We have an awesome vibe and always eat lunch together! Our resident vegan, Pip, often cooks lunch for us in the office, and Gabriel who is our resident chilli lover always adds the super hot sauce called “Death Sauce."

My favourite quote is... ‘somewhere. something incredible is waiting to be known.’ from a young age watching Carl Sagan encouraged me to develop a deep curiosity about the world and scepticism about preconceived ideas. I remembered this when I started OHMME. There isn’t much room in society for men to step out of line and create their own path. Creating OHMME was my way of challenging the status quo of masculinity in the media.

I am where I am today because of... yoga and meditation. Both of these practices have shaped my mindset, and have given me the tenacity me to achieve things that I have.

I am who I am because of... the great influences I have had in my life. Because my parents had me very late, I have had the privilege of developing friendships with much older people. Listening to them has been a considerable source of inspiration for me.

The best advice I've been given is... don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to live your life the way you want it to be.

In five years I’d like to... be able to walk into a yoga class full of guys, comfortable in their masculinity, and see them walk out of the studio in genuinely comfortable pants!

The thing no one ever tells you about running your own business online is.. that it's actually harder than running a business offline because offline you can actually speak to your customers face-to-face and learn from their reactions.

Our biggest mistake and what it taught us was... not knowing our customers well enough and creating some items that weren’t popular. We’ve now learnt to engage a lot more with our customers who are really excited by the fact we create yoga clothes just for men, and are really happy to provide feedback.

The most rewarding experience we’ve had to date is... seeing how many new men are taking up yoga and they are wearing our clothes. And the collaboration with CALM, which stands for campaign against living miserably, which is a charity in prevention of male suicide. The #StillnessInMotion workshops will provide a safe space for men to discuss the modern day challenges of masculinity, in a society that frowns upon men asking for help, and learn about the benefits of yoga and meditation.

January 2018