Wicked Uncle

Out of ideas for presents for teenagers? Turn to Wicked Uncle each time you need inspiration.

Wicked Uncle is the ingenious gift site that will get you out of any present conundrum. Based in a vast warehouse in Suffolk, the team scours the world for an imaginative selection of fun, unusual and different gifts for boys and girls of all ages.

They test every potential toy before it goes on their site – they build the robot kits, doodle with the pens and play the games. Quality is paramount. They can giftwrap your purchases and send them to the recipient with a handwritten card, too.

Wicked Uncle really values its customers, and works hard to get it right. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, let them know and the customer services team will do everything it can to address the problem straight away.

Here, we select the best Wicked Uncle presents for the over-12s.

Poker Pack

Teenagers will thank you – even if their parents don’t – for this pouch containing everything they need to bluff their way through their first poker game.

Sun Jar Solar Lamp

Place this cool mason jar in bright sunshine during the day and watch it light up with a cool pink glow come the evening.

Glitter Beach Ball

Add glamour and glitz to your frolics on the beach or in the park with this brilliant inflatable ball.

Rainbow Cake Baking Kit

Let wannabe bakers go nuts in the kitchen with this easy-to-use set. Just add eggs, milk and butter.

Interactive Glow T-shirt

A nifty addition to your wardrobe that’ll ensure you stand out from the crowd – perfect for parties, discos and sleepovers.

Humm Bug

Pick a card, hum the tune on it and hope your friends guess before the timer runs out! With hits from the 1960s until now, this game is perfect for young and old.